Unit 3 Outline - Lifespan Development Two Recurring...

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Lifespan Development Two Recurring Questions Genotype and Phenotype Childhood Physical Development - Prenatal Development – Effect of Alcohol - Infant Perceptual Abilities Childhood Social Development - Attachment Theory - Day Care and Development Childhood Cognitive Devel - Piaget’s Theory - Background - Sensorimotor – Object Permanence - Preoperational Stage - Concrete Operations - Formal Operations - Evaluating Piaget’s Approach Childhood Psychosocial Development - Erikson’s Stages o Trust vs. Mistrust o Autonomy vs. Doubt o Initiative vs. Guilt o Competence vs. Inferiority - Parenting Style Lifespan Development (con’t.) Adolescent Physical Development - Changes During Puberty - Effects of Early Maturation Adolescent Cognitive Devel – Egocentrism - Invincibility Fable
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- Imaginary Audience - Personal Fable Adolescent Psychosocial Development - Adolescent Relationships - Concept of Adulthood Adulthood Development - Selecting a Marriage Partner
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Unit 3 Outline - Lifespan Development Two Recurring...

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