Unit 4 Outline - -Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Mood...

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Stress, Health, and Coping Background Info. What Makes Events Stressful? - unpleasant or negative events - uncontrollable or unpredictable events - ambiguous events - unresolvable events Measuring Stress – Holmes and Rahe Problems with Research Linking SRRS to Illness Physical Effects of Stress/Selye’s Theory - alarm - resistance - exhaustion Individual Factors - fitness and hardiness - personal control - pessimism/optimism - Type A personality Coping with Stress Cigarette Smoking - Background - Quitting Smoking Psychological Disorders What is Abnormal? Diagnosis Prevalence Anxiety Disorders - Background - Panic Disorder - Phobias - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
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Unformatted text preview: -Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Mood Disorders-Unipolar (Major Depression)-Bipolar Disorder-Explanations Personality Disorders – Borderline Dissociative Identity Disorder Schizophrenia-Background-Symptoms-Explanations Treatment for Psychological Disorders What is Psychotherapy? Psychodynamic Therapy Client-Centered Therapy Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-Systematic desensitization-Token economy-Exposure with response prevention-Beck’s cognitive therapy Group Therapy Family and Marital Therapy Biological Treatments Is Treatment Effective?...
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Unit 4 Outline - -Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Mood...

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