2. Experience Staging

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Unformatted text preview: their performances are dynamic; these change with the circumstances and the needs and interests of individual guests. Other cast members are “matching theatre” performers, who piece together and integrate “distinct portions of work performed at different times and places into a uniྰed whole” (p. 129). Matching theatre is characterized by a stable performance and a dynamic script. The “stay in character” principle is of pivotal importance to the efྰcacy of these diverse theatrical performances. Like living- history interpreters, who play the role of particular persons of historical signiྰcance, cast members must not step out of character and into roles that are inconsistent with the theme (Halewood & Hannam, 2001; Luzader & Spellman, 1996; Magelssen, 2002). Walt Disney was said to have been so adamant about this principle that he once scolded an employee for driving a maintenance vehicle into the 1860s themed area of Disneyland during hours that the park was closed to the public (Disney Institute, 2001). The third principle identiྰed by Pine and Gilmore (1999) is to “customize to the individual.” For the highest levels of success, the service era commitment to “customize to the market” is insufྰcient. Rather, effective experience industry organizations seek to individualize offerings and “personalize to the individual guest” to the greatest extent possible. Many ྰve- star hotels, for example, ensure that their front- desk workers mention guests by name a given number of times during check- in. This practice is only one simple act that is representative of a host of techniques that can be used to help guests understand that the hotel is centrally concerned about the unique, individual needs of its guests. At the other end of the complexity continuum is the Sumerset Company. Prahalad and Ramaswamy (2004) explain that Sumerset is the largest manufacturer of houseboats in...
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