5-1. Developing Employee Potential

Is no product quite like it a great brand taps into

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Unformatted text preview: uite like it. A great brand taps into emotions…emotions drive most if not all, of our decisions. A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience that transcends the product. A brand offers a promise of something reliable. “You” as Brand – Questions to Consider What value do you bring to your organization? What’s your reputation? What are you known for? Is it passion, status quo, or lazy? What’s in your portfolio? What have you accomplished that stands out? What intellectual capital have you built or can you build? “You” as Brand – Start building you now Look what you have to do to stand out. Take action and show initiative. Challenge the status quo…many things that are wrong in your organizations are just things that have been used for years. Challenge them and make them better. Take people out of their comfort zone. Challenge you and your venue to tear the house apart and rebuild it. “Good enough never is” “You” as Brand – From Brand You by Tom Peters Focus on one area where you are most capable of creating true saleable distinction. Then, go for it! Take one action today to polish, pronounce, and advertise that distinction. Being “darn good” and “useful” is not enough. Winners today “must stand for something important.” You are on stage every day. People are making judgments about you every day. Everything you say and do sends off clues. Embrace politics. They are a way of life. Find out what the Developing Your Employees and Yourself “The number one reason people leave their job is to pursue personal development, the chance to learn something new. If you want to hold on to your best people, you’ve got to make sure that they’re learning, growing, and changing.” Russell Campanello – Chief People Office, Nervewire, Inc. Developing Your Employees and Yourself “Zappos essentially has blurred the line between personal and work goals. If a person is growing, Zappos sees that growth as being beneficial to the entirety of the individual’s life…Zappos talks about work/life integration…If your people aren’t happy and growing, your business will not maintain its success and growth.” Developing Your Employees and Yourself – Mentoring Select, train, acculturate, mentor, empower What is mentoring? Mentoring Myths Mentors are old and protégés are young Mentoring is only needed at the start of a career Mentors are not needed when you are learning from your employer Mentoring only happens on a one-to-one, face-to-face basis Developing Your Employees and Yourself – Empowering Tell people what their responsibilities are Give them authority equal to their responsibility; stewardship Set standards of excellence Provide people with training to enable them to meet these standards Provide feedback on performance Celebrating Stop and celebrate accomplishments Doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming. How has your work or coworkers been celebrated? Staples Center Staples Center...
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