REVIEW pre Culture conditions for hESC

REVIEW pre Culture conditions for hESC

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Unformatted text preview: 9 330–337. Lanzendorf SE, Boyd CA, Wright DL, Muasher S, Oehninger S & Hodgen GD 2001 Use of human gametes obtained from anonymous donors for the production of human embryonic stem cell lines. Fertility and Sterility 76 132–137. Lee JB, Lee JE, Park JH, Kim SJ, Kim MK, Roh SI & Yoon HS 2005 Establishment and maintenance of human embryonic stem cell lines on human feeder cells derived from uterine endometrium under serum-free condition. Biology of Reproduction 72 42–49. Li Y, Powell S, Brunette E, Lebkowski J & Mandalam R 2005 Expansion of human embryonic stem cells in defined serum-free medium devoid of animal-derived products. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 91 688–698. Ludwig T, Levenstein M, Jones J, Berggren W, Mitchen E, Frane JL, Crandall LJ, Daigh CA, Conard KR, Piekarczyk MS, et al. 2006 Derivation of human embryonic stem cells in defined conditions. Nature Biotechnology 24 185–187. Martin MJ, Muotri A, Gage F & Varki A 2005 Human embryonic stem cells express an immunigenic nonhuman sialic acid. Nature Medicine 11 1–5. Mateizel I, De Temmerman N, Ullmann U, Cauffman G, Sermon K, Van de Velde H, De Rycke M, Degreef E, Devroey P, Liebaers I & Van Steirteghem A 2006 Derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines from embryos obtained after IVF and after PGD for monogenic disorders. Human Reproduction 21 503–511. Mitalipova M, Calhoun J, Shin S, Wininger D, Schulz T, Noggle S, Venable A, Lyons I, Robins A & Stice S 2003 Human embryonic stem cell lines derived from discarded embryos. Stem Cells 21 521–526. Nikolova G, Jabs N, Konstantinova I, Domogatskaya A, Tryggvason K, Sorokin L, Fassler R, Gu G, Gerber HP, Ferrara N et al. 2006 The vascular basement membrane: a niche for insulin gene expression and Beta cell proliferation. Developmental Cell 10 397–405. Noaksson K, Zoric N, Zeng X, Rao MS, Hyllner J, Semb H, Kubista M & Sartipy P 2005 Monitoring differentiation of human embryonic stem cells using real-time PCR. Stem Cells 23 1460–1467. Oh SK, Kim HS, Ahn HJ, Seol HW, Kim YY, Park YB, Yoon CJ, Kim DW, Kim SH & Moon SY 2005 Derivation and characterization of new human embryonic stem cell lines: SNUhES1, SNUhES2, and SNUhES3. Stem Cells 23 211–219. Pebay A, Wong RC, Pitson SM, Wolvetang EJ, Peh GS, Filipczyk A, Koh KL, Tellis I, Nguyen LT & Pera MF 2005 Essential roles of sphingosine-1-phosphate and platelet-derived growth factor in the maintenance of human embryonic stem cells. Stem Cells 23 1541–1548. 697 Pickering SJ, Braude PR, Patel M, Burns CJ, Trussler J, Bolton V & Minger S 2003 Preimplantation genetic diagnosis as a novel source of embryos for stem cell research. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 7 353364. Pyle AD, Lock LF & Donovan PJ 2006 Neurotrophins mediate human embryonic stem cell survival. Nature Biotechnology 24 344–350. Reubinoff BE, Pera MF, Fong CY, Trounson A & Bongso A 2000 Embryonic stem cell lines from human blastocysts: somat...
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