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5/12/09 BLOOD General functions Transports & exchanges nutrients like wastes Thermoregulation which means to distribute heat Immunit y Balances fluids & pH Red blood cells (RBCs) plasm a 92% H20 7% proteins 1% other solutes Electrolytes, organic nutrients, organic wastes albumi ns Tiny pockets for fatty acids to sit in Lipids, cholesterol- based hormones, fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), water – soluble bilirubin Flexible, biconcave shape Maneuver through the smallest blood capillaries Erythrocytes make up about 99.9% in all blood cells RBC maturation Produce hemoglobin Loss of nucleus Mature cell uses anaerobic glycolysis to make ATP Dietary nutrients in RBC development Vitamin B12: Fish, Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Diary, products, Fortified cereals & soy milks Iron: fortifie d cereals , soybea ns, lentils, black beans, spinac h Perniciou s anemia Iron- deficien cy anemia hemoglobin 33% of RBC mass Hemoglobin has 4 globin proteins, each globin may carry 1 CO2
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Unformatted text preview: Hemoglobin has 4 hemes, each heme may carry 1 CO2 Negative feedback homeostasis Regulates the oxygen content of the blood Low blood oxygen Kidney releases EPO EPO stimulates bone marrow to speed RBC mitosis & developme nt If kidney fails, body suffers severe anemia Breakdown of RBCs Occurs in marcophage that can be found in the liver, spleen, or bone marrow iro n heme Transport ed in circulation to form new RBC Gets transferred into biliverdin Biliverdin --> bilirubin Primary removal: liver to bile (bilirubin excreted in bile) Primary removal: liver to bile (bilirubin excreted in bile) Jaundice: Excessive amounts of bilirubin in blood causes yellowing of eyes & skin Liver damage & sickle cell anemia Viscosity exponentia lly increases as % of RBCs increases 2 types of blood doping Increase RBCs by injecting EPO or blood transfusion Affects blood flow & increases rick for <3 attack...
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