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Role of public sector enterprises 1

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Unformatted text preview: intain a sustained growth in productivity and attain competitiveness in the market economy, especially in the international markets, 8. To industrialize the backward areas of the country, and 9. To accelerate the process of development of modern small enterprises. Salient Features of New Policy Salient Features of New Policy 1. Equity participation up to 24 per cent by other industrial undertakings (including foreign companies). 2. Hike in investment limit for tiny sector, up from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. 3. Services sector to be recognised as tiny sector. 4. Relaxation of labour laws. 5. Easier access to institutional finance. 6. Factoring services through SIDBI to overcome the problem­delayed payments. Also, legislation to ensure payment of bills. 7. Women enterprises encouraged. 8. Marketing of mass consumption items by National Small Industries Corporation under common brand name. 9. Tiny sector to be accorded priority in government purchase programme. 10. Priority to SSIs and tiny units in allocation of indigenous raw materials. 11. Promises to deregulate and debureacratise small and tiny sectors. 12. PSUs and NSIC to help market products through consortia approach, both domestically and internationally. 13. Compulsory quality control for products that pose rise to health and life. 14. A special monetary agency to be set up for the small­scale sector’s credit needs. 15. A new scheme of integrated infrastructure development to be implemented. 16. Incentive and services package to be delivered at the district level. 17. An export development centre to be set up. 18. KVIC and board to be expanded. 19. Investment limit of ancillary units raised to Rs 75 lakh. 20. Traditional village industries to be given greater thrust. Small­scale Industries Small­scale Industries 1. Financial support. 2. Infrastructure facilities. 3. Marketing and exports. 4. Modernisation. 5. Promotion of entrepreneurship. 6. Simplification of rules and procedures. 7. Tapping resources. Thank You Thank You...
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