Building Code of the Philippines(1)

202 technical staff the secretary is hereby

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Unformatted text preview: Technical Staff The Secretary is hereby authorized to constitute and provide in his Department a professional staff composed of highly qualified architects, engineers and technicians who possess diversified and professional experience in the field of building design and construction. SECTION 203. General Powers and Functions of the Secretary under this Code For purposes of carrying out the provisions of this Code, the Secretary shall exercise the following general powers and functions: (1) Formulate policies, plans, standards, and guidelines on building design, construction, use, occupancy and maintenance, in accordance with this Code. (2) Issue and promulgate policies, plans, standards and guidelines formulated under paragraph 1 of this Section. (3) Evaluate, review, approve and/or take final action on changes and/or amendments to existing Referral Codes as well as on the incorporation of other referral codes which are not yet expressly made part of this Code. (4) Prescribe and fix the amount of fees and other charges that the Building Official shall collect in connection with the performance of regulatory functions. SECTION 204. Professional and Technical Assistance The Secretary with the assistance of his technical staff shall proved such professional, technical, scientific and other services including testing laboratories and facilities as may be required to carry out the provisions of this code; Provided that the Secretary may secure such services as he may deem necessary from other agencies of the National Government and may make arrangement for the compensation of such services. He may also engage and compensate within appropriations available therefor, the services of such number of consultants, experts and advisers on full or part-time basis, as may be necessary, coming from the government or private businesses, entities or associations to carry out the provisions of this Code. SECTION 205. Building Officials Except as otherwise provided herein, the Building Official shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Code in the field as well as the enforcement of orders and decisions made pursuant thereto. Due to the exigencies of the service, the Secretary may designate incumbent Public works Distract Engineers, City Engineers and Municipal Engineers to act as Building Officials in their respective areas of jurisdiction. The designation made by the Secretary under this Section shall continue until regular positions of Building Official are provided or unless sooner terminated for causes avoided by law or decree. SECTION 206. Qualification of Building Officials No person shall be appointed as a Building Official unless he possesses the following qualifications: 1. A Filipino citizen and of good moral character. 2. A duly registered architect or civil engineer. 3. A member of good standing of a duly accredited organization of his profession for not less than two years. 4. Has at least five years of diversified and professional experi...
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