Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Abatement of dangerous buildings pursuant to section

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Unformatted text preview: e or complete his/their report within a period of thirty days from the date of termination of re-inspection or reinvestigation. 5.5 If after-re-inspection, the finding is the same as the original one, the Secretary thru the Building Official shall notify the owner, giving him not more than fifteen days from receipt of notice with affirmed finding to vacate or cause to be vacated and make the necessary repair, renovation, demolition and removal of the subject building or parts thereof, as the case may be. 5.6 The decision of the Secretary on the appeal shall be final. 5.7 Upon failure of the owner to comply with the Order of the Building Official or of the Secretary, in case of appeal, to repair, renovate, demolish and remove the building or any part thereof after fifteen days from the date of receipt of the Order, the Building Official shall cause the building or structure to be repaired, renovated, demolished and removed, partly or wholly, as the case may be, with all expenses therefor chargeable to the owner. 5.8 The building as repaired or in case of demolition, the building materials gathered after the demolition of the building shall be held by the Office of the Building Official until full reimbursement of the cost of repair, renovation, demolition and removal is made by the owner which, in no case, shall extend beyond thirty (30) days from the date of the completion of the repair, renovation, demolition and removal. After such period, said building materials of the building thus repaired, renovated or removed shall be sold at public auction to satisfy the claim of the Office of the Building Official. Any amount in excess of the claim of the government realized from the sale of the building and/or building materials shall be delivered to the owner. 6. Other Remedies The procedures, actions and remedies provided herein are without prejudice to further action that may be taken by the Building Official against the owner/occupants of buildings or structures found or declared to be nuisance/s, dangerous, and/or ruinous under the provisions of Articles 482 and 694 to 707 of the Civil Code of the Philippines. RULE VIII - ADMINISTRATIVE SANCTIONS AND PROCEDURES Pursuant to the authority vested in the Secretary, now Minister, of Public Works, under the provisions of Sections 211 and 212 of the national Building Code of the Philippines (P.D. 1096), the following rules and regulations are hereby promulgated to govern the conduct of cases involving the implementation of the Code as well as the enforcement of orders, rules and regulations issued in relation thereto and the imposition of administrative penalties for violations thereof. 1. Definitions - For purposes of this Rule, the following definitions shall apply: MINISTRY - The Ministry of Public Works, MINISTER - The head of the Ministry of Public Works. STAFF - The Building Research and Development Staff (BRDS) organized by and under the Ministry of Public Works, to undertake, by itself or thru appropriat...
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