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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Building date issued place

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Unformatted text preview: TO BE SAFE FOR CONTINUED OCCUPANCY AND IS THEREFORE RECOMMENDED FOR ISSUANCE OF A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY __________________________________________ CHIEF, ENFORCEMENT DIVISION FEE P ___________________ O.R. NO. _________________ DATE ___________________ MPW FORM NO. 77-013-B REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL ____________________________________________ DISTRICT/CITY/MUNICIPALITY CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY For building occupied prior to PD 1096 NO. ______________________________ DATE ISSUED _____________________ This certifies that the _____________________________ owned by ___________________ which was constructed and actually occupied before the effectivity of the NATIONAL BUILDING CODE (PD 1096) has been inspected and, as can be ascertained, found to be in safe condition, and the electrical, mechanical and/or sanitary facilities are in order. The owner shall continue to maintain this building, to enhance its architectural well-being, structural stability and fire protective properties, and shall not use this building or any portion of it for purposes other than its intended use as stated above. This certificate is issued to legalize the occupancy of this building. ____________________________________ BUILDING OFFICIAL NOTE: This "CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY" shall be posted conspicuously whithin the premises of the building and shall not be removed without authority from the BUILDING OFFICIAL. The official number assigned to the building is ________________________________________ MPW Form No. 77-014-B Republic of the Philippines Ministry of Public Works OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL Bldg. Permit Application No. ____________________________ Excav. & Ground Prep. Permit No. District/City/Municipality Area Code _______________ ______________________________ Date Applied ______________________________ Date Issued EXCAVATION & GROUND PREPARATION PERMIT Permit is hereby granted to _______________________________________________________ (Owner/Applicant) for the excavation and ground preparation of his/her site located at ______________________________ ___________________________________________________ for the construction of his/her proposed ___________________________________________________ building/structure for which a Building (Use of Type of Occupancy) Permit has been applied for in this Office, subject to the following conditions: 1. This permit does not guarantee the subsequent granting of the principal building permit process and that the owner/applicant undertakes the work or project at his/her own risk. under 2. This permit and the logbook shall be kept at the jobsite at all times for the duration of the project. 3. All public facilities and utilities such as streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, electric, electric posts, power and communication lines, water, sewer and drainage lines and the like shall be properly protected against any damage and obstruction. Any facility and/or utility damaged shall be properly repaired and restored to its original con...
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