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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

City building a sworn with the in other national

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Unformatted text preview: gd.) EFREN H. SISON Past President ASEP Overall Chairman NSCP 1992 Edition MPW FORM NO. 77-003-B Republic of the Philippines Ministry of Public Works OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL _________________________________ District/City/Municipality NOTICE OF ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION ___________________ Notice _________________________ Date Issued ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Sir/Madam: This is to inform that you have made an illegal construction/renovation/addition/assemblage/ demolition (others) ________________________________in violation of Section _________________ of the "National Building Code" (PD 1096). Compliance with the following is advised to wit: Stop immediately illegal building activities in your premises. You or your representative contact this Office within three (3) days from receipt hereof _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Failure to comply with this Notice shall cause this Office to institute proper legal action against you. __________________________________ Building Official Received: _______________________________ (Owner) Date : _______________________________ MPW FORM NO. 77-004-B CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION THE BUILDING OFFICIAL AREA CODE NO. _____________ THIS IS TO CERTIFY THT THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE BUILDING COVERED BY BUILDING PERMIT NO. ___________________ ISSUED ON ________________________________ HAS BEEN COMPLETED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE APPROVED PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS ON FILE WITH THE OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL AND THE "NATIONAL BUILDING CODE" (PD. 1096). THAT THE SAID BUILDING AND/OR STRUCTURE IS READY FOR FINAL INSPECTION FOR THE ISSUANCE OF THE "CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY". NAME OF OWNER ________________________________ _________________________ ______________________ (LAST NAME) (GIVEN) (MIDDLE) ADDRESS OF OWNER ______________________________________________________________ LOCATION OF CONSTRUCTION _____________________________________________________ USE OR TYPE OF OCCUPANCY ______________________________________________________ DATE OF START OF CONSTRUCTION: PROPOSED ________________________ ACTUAL ____________________ DATE OF COMPLETION: EXPECTED ______________________________ ACTUAL __________________________ NO. OF STORIES __________________________ ACTUAL HEIGHT ________________________ ESTIMATED COST P ________________________________________________________________ ACTUAL COST a) P ___________________________ (FOR STATISTICAL PURPOSES ONLY) MATERIALS (TOTAL COST) P _____________________________________________________________ 1. CEMENT bags ___________________________________________ 2. LUMBER (cubic meter) ___________________________________________ 3. REINFORCING BARS (kg.) ___________________________________________ 4. NO. OF G.I. SHEETS ___________________________________________ 5. PRE-...
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