Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Gf no 108 a circular no 3 74 for entry in the journal

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Unformatted text preview: shall submit the same to the MPW Chief Accountant within five days after receipt thereof from the he disbursing officer. 5.7 The Ministry Chief Accountant shall adjust obligations quarterly to actual liquidations as required. 5.8 Deputized disbursing officers shall keep record to control cash ceiling and allocation separate from other funds in his custody. 5.9 Deputized disbursing officers shall prepare other statements or reports that may be required from time to time by the proper authorities such as status of cash disbursement ceiling at the end of the year. 5.10 The building Official shall render a monthly report of accountability for treasury checks provided him by the Treasury Provincial Fiscal Examiner in the province (Section 3.4 of TMC No. 4-78) using form No. 16-A covering the balance of checks issued during the month and the balance at the end of the month. Copies of said report shall be distributed as follows: Original - to the Treasury Provincial Fiscal Examiner (Cash Operations Service) Duplicate - to the Head of the Office (Accounting Division, MPW) Triplicate - to the Auditor, MPW Quadruplicate - Field Auditor Quintuplicate - Field of Disbursing Officer (Ref: Primer on TCAA) 5.11 The deputized disbursing officer authorized to requisition blank TCAA checks shall prepare and submit requisition and issue voucher Form No. 45(A), and the Invoice and Receipt of Accountable Forms, Form No. 33 (A) which shall be distributed as follows: Original - Treasury Provincial Fiscal Duplicate - Cash Operations Service, BTR Triplicate - COA Auditor of the DDO's Agency Quadruplicate - Accounting Unit of DDO Quintuplicate - Deputized Disbursing Officer file - Office of the Provincial/City Auditor Sextuplicate Concerned. A BTR identification card (Exhibit IV) shall be accomplished in two copies by the deputized disbursing officer One copy - Treasury Provincial Fiscal Examiner One copy - Authorized DDO 6. Turnover of Accountability 6.1 In case of change, transfer, resignation or retirement from the service of the Building Official, an inventory of all money and property accountabilities shall be taken jointly by the outgoing and incoming Building Official and a receipt passed on the basis of such inventory. Such inventory shall be certified as accurate by the said officers, witnessed by the auditor thereat, and approved by the Minister, MPW (Sec. 645, Revised Administrative Code). 6.2 The proceeding procedure shall also apply to a deputized disbursing officer other than the Building Official with respect to money and property accountability in his custody. 6.3 Application for clearance of the building official and other deputized disbursing officers shall be coursed to the Office of the Minister, MPW, to check their unpaid obligations with this Office (Dept. Memo Circular No. 2 dated 28 January 1974). 7. Other Provisions This Rule IV is promulgated to define the procedure for the proper reporting and recording of collections and disbursements of the funds o...
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