Building Code of the Philippines(1)

No 1 capacitors that are components of other

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Unformatted text preview: ons as refrigeration, operation of mechanical breathing apparatus, ventilation essential to maintain life, illumination and power for hospital room, fire alarm systems, fire pumps, industrial processes where current interruption would produce serious hazards, public address systems and other similar functions. 12.2 All requirements of this Section shall apply to emergency systems. 12.3 All equipment for use on emergency systems shall be properly approved. 12.4 Tests and Maintenance a) The authority having jurisdiction shall conduct or witness a test on the complete system upon completion of installation, and periodically afterwards. b) Systems shall be tested periodically in accordance with a schedule acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction to assure that they are maintained in proper operating condition. c) Where the battery systems or unit equipment are involved, including batteries used for starting or ignition in auxiliary engines, the authority having jurisdiction shall require periodic maintenance. d) A written record shall be kept of such tests and maintenance. 12.5 Emergency systems shall have adequate capacity and rating for the emergency operation of all equipment connected to the system. 12.6 Current supply shall be such that in the event of failure of the normal supply to or within the building or group of buildings concerned, emergency lighting or emergency power, will be immediately available. The supply system for emergency purposes may be composed of one or more of the types of systems covered in Section 12.7 to Section 12.10 of this Rule. Unit equipment in accordance with Section 12.21 shall satisfy the applicable requirements of this Section. Consideration must be given to the type of service to be rendered; whether for short duration, as for exit lights of a theater, or for long duration, as for supplying emergency power and lighting during long periods of current failure from trouble either inside or outside the buildings, as in the case of a hospital. Assignment of degree of reliability of the recognized emergency supply system depends upon the careful evaluation of the variables of each particular installation. 12.7 A storage battery of suitable rating and capacity shall supply, by means of a service installed according to Section 200 of the PEC and maintained at not more than 90 per cent of system voltage, the total load of the circuits supplying emergency lighting and emergency power for a period of at least 1/2 hour. Batteries, whether of the acid or alkali type, shall be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of the emergency service. Lead-acid type batteries shall include low gravity acid (1.20 to 1.22 SP. GR.), relatively thick and rugged-plated and separators, and a transparent jar. 12.8 A generator set driven by some form of prime mover, with sufficient capacity and proper rating to supply circuits carrying emergency lighting or lighting and power, equipped with suitable means for automatically starting...
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