Building Code of the Philippines(1)

No 77 002 e republic of the philippines ministry of

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Unformatted text preview: ________________________________ DISTRICT/CITY/MUNICIPALITY ELECTRICAL DIVISION PERMIT FOR TEMPORARY SERVICE CONNECTION O. R. No. _____________________ Permit No. ___________________ ___________________, 19 ______ Date NAME OF APPLICANT (Last Name, First Name, M.I.) Address (No. Street, Barangay, City/Municipality) T.A.N. Tel. No. Location of Installation (No. Street, Barangay) Number of Outlets: Lights __________________________________ Switches __________________ Others __________________________________ Nature of Work: ___________________________________________ ________________________________________ __________________________________________ Owner/Applicant Electrical Engineer/Master Electrician Res. Cert. No. A. _____________________ P.R.C. Reg. No. ____________________________ Issued at ____________________________ P.T.R. ___________________________________ Date Issued __________________________ Res. Cert. No. ______________________________ T.A.N. ______________________________ Issued at __________________________________ Date Issued _______________________________ T.A.N. ___________________________________ PERMIT is hereby granted to connect the electrical installation with the authorized load specified hereunder located at ___________________________________________________________ for a period of ___________________________________________________________ days from date ________________________________________ after which period the service shall be disconnected. This permit shall be suspended or revoked any time before its expiration whenever alterations or change is the wiring system have rendered it unsafe. Republic of the Philippines MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL ______________________________________ DISTRICT/CITY/MUNICIPALITY Area Code _________________ CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION ELECTRICAL WORKS This is to certify that the electrical installations/works of the building covered by Building Permit No. _______________________ issued on __________________ has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications on file with the Office of the Building Official and the National Building Code (P.D. 1096). That the said installations/works is ready for final inspection. NAME OF OWNER: _________________________________________________________________ LAST NAME GIVEN NAME MIDDLE INITIAL ADDRESS OF OWNER: __________________________________________________________ LOCATION OF CONSTRUCTION: _____________________________________________________ USE OR TYPE OFOCCUPANCY: ___________________________________________________ DATE OF START OF CONSTRUCTION: ________________________________________________ DATE OF _____________________________________________________________ COMPLETION: TOTAL NUMBER OF OUTLETS AND EQUIPMENT INSTALLED LIGHTS _____________________ SWITCHES ___________________ CONVENIENCE OUTLETS ________________ BELL SYSTEM __________ ELECTRICAL RANGE _______ KW ______ WATER HEATER ___________ KW ______ AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM _________ HP ________ TELE...
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