Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: piggeries, hatcheries, stables, Cowsheds; also greenhouses, granaries and other Structures for the storage of agricultural products. _____________________________________________________________________ V J-1 Private garages, carports. Ancillary J-2 a. Fences over 1.80 meters high, separate fire walls h. Steel and concrete tanks. i. Towers and silos, smokestacks and chimneys. j. Swimming pools, including shower and locker rooms. k. Stages, platforms and similar structures. l. Pelota courts. m. Aviaries and aquariums, zoo structures. _____________________________________________________________________ Regardless of the type of connection, the cost of construction of any building 3. For the purpose of assesing the corresponding permit fees and certificate of Occupancy is hereby fixed as follows: Cost / Square meter ___________________________________________________ Category Category Category GROUP I, II, III IV V ________________ ______________________________________________________ I. Metro Manila and P 1,000.00 P 200.00 P 500.00 First Class Cities. II. Second Class Cities 800.00 160.00 400.00 And First Class Municipalities. III. All Others. 600.00 120.00 300.00 4. No fees shall be charged on the following applications: 4.1 Construction / addition / renovation / alteration of traditional indigenous family dwelling units as defined under Section 209 of the Code. 4.2 Construction / addition / renovation / alteration of public buildings. For purpose Of this rule the terms “PUBLIC BUILDING OR STRUCTURES’ refers to any Building owned, occupied and operated by regular and / or specialized agencies or offices performing purely governmental functions. 4.3 Construction / addition / renovation / alteration introduced or undertaken by The National Housing Authority on government owned tenement houses and Other housing units while the title of the lot is still under the name of government. 4.4 Reconstruction of buildings or structures damaged or destroyed by typhoons , fires, earthquakes or other calamities, provided that the cost of such reconstruction shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the original construction cost based on the schedule of rates provided in this rule and that an application therefor is filed with the Building Official together with the Certificate of Damage which shall be obtained from the office of the Building Official not later than thirty (30) days after the occurrence of such calamity. 4.5 4.6 5. Construction of buildings or structures by civic organizations, charitable institutions to be donated to the government for public use. Costruction / addition / renovation / alteration / repair of buildings / structures and / or electrical equipment / installations owned by electric cooperatives Organized and / or operating pursuant to PD 269. However, individual household members of such cooperatives are not exempt. Zoning and Land Verification Fee: 5.1 Metro Manila and First Class Cities: a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) 5.2 Category I ……...
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