Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Order shall take effect october 23 1978 sgd alfredo l

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Unformatted text preview: y Films 2. Rule XIV – Occupant Loads 3. Rule XV – Protection and Safety Requirements for Construction and Demolition 4. Rule XVI – Light and Ventilation 5. Rule XVII – Construction of Buildings/Structures Within Approach/Departure Zones of runways of Aerodomes 6. Amendment to Section 3.3.2 of Rule XII – Cemeteries and Memorial Parks 7. Amendment to the Schedule of Fees under Category II for Metro Manila 8. Amplification to Section 6, Rule VIII – Administrative Sanctions and Procedures 9. Supplementary Provisions to Rule V – Signs 10. Supplementary Provisions to Rule IX – Electrical Regulations This Order shall take effect January 1, 1979. (SGD.) ALFREDO L. JUINIO Secretary Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NIA Building, E. de los Santos Ave., Quezon City OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY June 14, 1979 MINISTRY-BRDS ) Memorandum Order ) No. 79-1 ) Series, 1979 ) x –––––– x ) TO : All Concerned SUBJECT: Additional Rules, Regulations and Standards for the Implementation of the National Building Code, P.D. 1096. For the guidance and compliance of all concerned, attached are additional rules, regulations and standards for the implementation of the National Building Code, PD 1096, namely: 1. .Rule XVIII– Maximum Height of Building/Structures 2. Rule XIX – Parking and Loading Space Requirements 3. Guidelines in the Design of Public Buildings/Structures 4. Amplification of Rule XVII (Construction of Buildings/Structures within Approach/Departure Zones of [Runways of Aerodromes] Airports) 5. Forms: a) Demolition Permit Application b) Demolition Permit c) Demolition Order d) Certificate of Occupancy/Use e) Certificate of Damage f) Certificate of Change of Use/Occupancy g) Repair Order 6. Supplementary Provisions to Rule I – Building permit Applications 7. Supplementary to Rule II – Processing of Applications for Building Permits 8. Supplementary Provisions to Annex “A” – Processing of Applications for Building Permit 9. Supplementary Provisions to Annex “A-1” – Processing of Applications for Sectional Permits. 10. New Provisions on Rule III – Assessment, Imposition and Collection of Fees 11. New Provisions on Rule IX – Electrical Regulations This Order shall take effect July 16, 1979. (SGD.) ALFREDO L. JUINIO Secretary Functions, Duties and Responsibilities of a District/City/ Municipal Building Official 1. The District/city/Municipal Building Official, who shall be appointed by and under the direct supervision of the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), shall be primarily responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the National Building Code of the Philippines (P.D. 1096) as well as the Implementing Rules and Regulations issued therefor. 2. He shall have overall administrative control and/or supervision over all work pertinent to buildings within his area of responsibility and shall have direct change of processing of all building permit applicat...
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