Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Pec shall be provided supports over buildings service

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Unformatted text preview: ges are between conductors) Communication Lines Clearance of line conductors from generaljointly 0 to 8,700 volts Exceeding 8,700 On volts, add On for each used poles mm Of other circuits . . . . . Span and guy wires attached to same pole: General . . . . . . . 75 75 75 75 75 75 150 150 When parallel to line . . Lightning-protection wires parallel to line 75 Surfaces of crossarms . . . . . 75 75 Surfaces of poles . . . . . . In General jointly In used 1,000 poles volts of excess mm mm mm mm Vertical and Lateral conductors: Of same circuit . . . . . . Supply Lines 75 150 6.25 75 10 150 300 10 300 10 10 75 75 125 75 75 5 75 125 5 6. Clearance of Service Drops 6.1 Service drop conductors shall not be readily accessible and when not in excess of 600 volts, shall conform to the following: a) Clearances Over Roof. Conductors shall have a clearance of not less than 2.5 M from the highest point of roofs over which they pass with the following exceptions: Exception No. 1. Where the voltage between conductors does not exceed 300 volts and the roof has a slope of not less than 100 mm than 100 mm in 300 mm, the clearance may not be less than 1 M. Exception No. 2. Service drop conductors of 300 volts or less which do not pass over other than a maximum of 1.2 M of the overhand portion of the roof for the purpose of terminating at a through-the-roof service raceway or approved support may be maintained at a minimum of 500 mm from any portion of the roof over which they pass. 6.2 Clearance from Ground. Conductors shall have a clearance of not less than 3 M from the ground or from any platform or projection from which they might be reached. 6.3 Clearance from Building Openings. Conductors shall have a horizontal clearance of not less than 1 M from windows, doors, porches, fire escapes, or similar locations and shall be run at least 500 mm above the top level of a window or opening. 6.4 Service Drop of communication lines, when crossing a street, shall have a clearance of not less than 5.50 meters from the crown of the street or sidewalk over which it passes. Service Drop of communication lines shall have a minimum clearance of 3.00 meters above ground at its point of attachment to the building or pedestal. 6.5 No parts of swimming and wading pools shall be placed under existing service-drop conductors or any other over-head wiring; nor shall such wiring be installed above the following: a) Swimming and wading pools and the area extending 3.00 meters outward horizontally from the inside of the walls of the pool. b) Diving Structures c) Observation stands, towers or platforms 7. Wiring Methods Service entrance conductors extending along the exterior or entering buildings or other structures shall be installed in rigid steel conduit or asbestos cement conduit or concrete encased plastic conduit from point of service drop to meter socket and from meter socket to the disconnecting equipment. However, where the service entrance conductors are protected by approved fuses or b...
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