Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Post required maximum finished size of suportales 400

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Unformatted text preview: 00 M 4.00 M 4.50 M 4.50 M 12.5 cms. x 12.5 cms. 12.5 cms. x 12.5 cms. 12 cms. x 15 cms. 17.5 cms. x 17.5 cms. 20 cms. x 20 cms. Logs or tree trunk suportales may be used as post in indigenous traditional type of construction, provided that these are of such sizes and spacing as to sustain vertical loading equivalent at least to the loading capacities of the posts and spacing in this Tables. TABLE 1003-A. PROJECTIONS OF BALCONIES AND APPENDAGES Width of Streets Over 3.00 m. but less than 6.00 m. 6.00 m. to less than 10.00 m. 10.00 m. to less than 11.00 m. 11.00 m. to less than 12.00 m. 12.00 m. to less than 13.00 m. 14.00 m. to less than 14.00 m. 14.00 m. or over Balconies Total Projections With Balcony With Balcony With Balcony With Balcony With Balcony With Balcony With Balcony .60 m. .90 m. 1.00 m. 1.10 m. 1.30 m. 1.40 m. 1.50 m. TABLE 1106-A. TYPE OF PROTECTION REQUIRED FOR PEDESTRIANS Height of Construction Eight feet or less Protection Required Distance from Construction Railing none Less than six feet More than eight feet Less than six feet Six feet or more Fence and Canopy Six feet or more but not more than onefourth the height of construction Fence and Canopy Six feet or more, but between one-fourth to one half the height of construction Fence Six feet or more but exceeding one-half the construction height None Note: All protective devices shall include appropriate lights and warning signs. Implementing Rules and Regulations F O R E W OR D This “Implementing Rules and Regulations” is a compilation of National Building Code Memorandum Orders issued on various dates by the Minister of Public Works pursuant to Section 211 of the National Building Code (PD 1096). These rules and regulations took effect after three (3) publications in newspapers of general circulation once a week for three consecutive weeks. Included herein are Memoranda of , Circulars and Opinions relevant to the implementation of the Code. Technological advances and changing economic conditions make imperative the amendment and/or amplification of various parts of these Implementing Rules and Regulations to up-date them and make them relevant to new situations and conditions. The various previous publications contained and amplifications, supplementary provisions and amendments to suit such conditions. For the purpose of clarity, continuity and homogeneity, the various amplifications, supplementary provisions and amendments have been consolidated, incorporated and inserted into their proper places, and the provisions so amended and/or superseded accordingly dropped. All changes and/or amendments adopted in these implementing rules and regulations have been made by the Building Research and Development Staff (BRDS) of the Ministry of Public Works for the benefit, safety and welfare of the general public. With this publication, it is hoped that confusion and ambiguity will be a thing of the past. Ministry of Public Works, ALFREDO L. JUINIO Minister ABER P. CANLAS Deputy Min...
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