Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Separation occupancy separations shall be provided

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Unformatted text preview: ovided between groups, subgroupings, or divisions of occupancies. The Secretary shall promulgate rules and regulations for appropriate occupancy separations in buildings of mixed occupancy; Provided, that, where any occupancy separation is required, the minimum shall be a “One-Hour Fire-Resistive Occupancy Separation”; and where the occupancy separation is horizontal, structural members supporting the separation shall be protected by an equivalent fire-resistive construction. SECTION 704. Location on Property (a) General No building shall be constructed unless it adjoins or has direct access to a public space, yard or street on at least one of its sides. For the purpose of this Section, the centerline of an adjoining street or alley shall be considered an adjacent property line. Eaves over required windows shall not less than 750 millimeters from the side and rear property lines. (b) Fire Resistance of Walls Exterior walls shall have fire resistance and opening protection in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Secretary. Projections beyond the exterior wall shall not exceed beyond a point one-third the distance from an assumed vertical plance located where the fire-resistive protection of openings is first required to the location on property whichever is the least restrictive. Distance shall be measured at right angles from the property line. When openings in exterior walls are required to be protected due to distance from property line, the sum of the areas of such openings in any storey shall not exceed 50 percent of the total area of the wall in that storey. (c) Buildings on Same Property and Buildings Containing Courts For the purpose of determining the required wall and opening protection, buildings on the same property and court walls shall be assumed property line from the existing building shall be the distance to the property line for each occupancy as set forth by the Secretary: Provided, that two or more buildings on the same property may be considered as one building if the aggregate area of such building is within the limits of allowable floor areas for a single building, and when the buildings so considered, house different occupancies or are of different types of construction, the area shall be that allowed for the most restrictive occupancy or construction. SECTION 705. Allowable Floor Areas The allowable floor areas for one-storey building and buildings over one-storey shall not exceed the limits prescribed by the Secretary for each occupancy groups and/or types of construction. For purposes of this Section, each portion of a building separated by one or more area separation walls may be considered a separate building provided the area separation walls meet the requirements prescribed therefor by the Secretary. SECTION 706. Allowable Floor Area Increases The floor areas hereinabove provided may be increased in certain specific instances and under appropriate conditions, based on the existence of public space, street...
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