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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Site occupancy 21 the measurement of site occupancy

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Unformatted text preview: ards shall be not less than 2.00 meters. All inner courts shall be connected to a street or yard, either by a passageway with a minimum width of 1.20 meters or by a door through a room or rooms. 3.1 Court - An unoccupied space between building lines and lot lines other than a yard: free, open and unobstructed from the ground upward. a) Inner Court - A court bounded on all sides or around its periphery by building lines. b) Open Court - A court bounded on three sides by building lines with one side bounded by another open space whether public or private. c) Through Court - A court bounded on two opposite sides by building lines with the other opposite sides bounded by other open spaces whether public or private. Every court shall have a width of not less than 2.00 meters for one and two-story buildings. However, this may be reduced to not less than 1.50 meters in cluster living units such as quadruplexes, rowhouses and the like one or two stories in height with adjacent courts with an area not less than 3.00 square meters. Provided, further, that the separation walls or fences, if any, shall be not higher than 2.00 meters. Irregularly-shaped lots such as triangular lots and the like whose courts may be also triangular in shape may be exempted from having a minimum width of 2.00 meters, provided that no side thereof shall be less than 3.00 meters and the area shall be not less than that required in Table 1. (See Figs. 2.1 to 2.3 and 3.1) For buildings more than two (2) stories in height, the minimum width of the courts shall be increased at the rate of 300 millimeters (9.30m) for each additional story up to the fourteenth story. For buildings exceeding fourteen (14) stories in height, the required width of the court shall be computed on the basis of fourteen (14) stories. (SeeTables III and IV and Fig. 4). 3.2 Yard - The vacant space left between the building and the property lines. Yards shall be subject to the same basic requirements as courts. In addition, the following rules shall be observed: a) Yards for Residential Buildings TABLE II YARD Front Side Rear R-1 ZONES R-2 5.00 m. 2.00 m. 2.00 m. R-3 *See abutments - do - do - Where: R-1 means Low-Density Residential Zone, characterized mainly by single-family, single detached dwellings with the usual community ancillary uses on a neighborhood scale, such as exclusive subdivisions and relatively exclusive residential communities which are not subdivisions. R-2 means Medium-Density Residential Zone, characterized mainly by medium-density housing like medium-rize, multiple family dwellings on a limited scale and the usual community ancillary uses on a barangay scale, such as semi-exclusive subdivisions and semi-exclusive residential communities which are not subdivisions. R-3 means High-Density Residential Zone, characterized by avery mixed housing type and high density housing, like high-rise buildings with more than usual community ancillary uses increasingly commercial in scale. * Abutments on th...
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