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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

A building permit shall be secured therefor from the

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Unformatted text preview: . Products of combustion other than heat SHUTTER - An assembly made of incombustible material installed on openings except on exit doors and exhaust ducts for the prevention of spread of fire. 2. Film Laboratory 2.1 Construction 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.2 Areas in which photographic processes performed shall be completely enclosed. The walls shall be not less than 100 millimeters thick load bearing concrete hollow blocks or equivalent. Ceiling shall be of 60 millimeter asbestos board hung on or supported by metal frames. The floor shall be of reinforced concrete of not less than 211 kg./sq.cm. rendered smooth and should be not less than 50 millimeters below the level of the main floor. Doorways Every film laboratory shll have at least two (2) doorways set apart by not less than one-third (1/3) the perimeter of the room. In case the maximum travel distance is seven (7.00) meters or less, one door will suffice. Each doorway shall be not less than six hundred (600) millimeters wide and two (2.00) meters high and equipped with a self-closing fire door assembly constructed of 44.5 millimeter solid wooden panel lines on the inside with 6.35 millimeter thick asbestos board or its equivalent. Such doors shall not be equipped with any latch and shall open outward leading to proper exits. 2.3 Shutters Every opening in laboratory walls, every fresh air inlet, excluding exit doors and exhaust ducts, shall be provided with a self-closing fire shutter of not less than 2.4 millimeter thick metal sheet or its equivalent. Shutters shall overlap at least 25 millimeter on all sides of openings and shall be arranged to slide without binding in guides constructed of material equal to the shutter in stength and fire-resistance. Shutters may be omitted when only acetate safety film is used. 2.4 Ventilation 2.4.1 Film laboratories shall be well ventilated by either natural or mechanical means. 2.4.2 Ventilation systems shall be controlled from within and shall have pilot lightsd to indicate operation. The ventilation system serving the processing room may be extended to cover rooms associated therewith. Ducts shall be constructed entirely of non-combustible materials such as steel, iron, aluminum or other approved materials. Only fire retardant lining shall be used on the inside of ducts. 3. Film Vaults 3.1 Vaults shall be constructed with walls, floors and roofs of 211 kg/sq. meters reinforced concrete not less than 150 millimeters thick. 3.2 Vaults shall be properly ventilated either by natural or mechanical means. If mechanicaly ventilated, the system shall be controlled from within. 3.3 Vaults shall be provided with doors made up of 3.2 millimeter thick steel sheets with 50 millimeter asbestos fiber insulation in between. Such doors shall easily be opened from inside. 3.4 Vaults holding over 34 kilograms of film shall be provided with automatic fire extinguishing system. 4. Film Cabinets 4.1 All film cabinets shall be constructed of metal either welded or bolted. No solder shall be...
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