Building Code of the Philippines(1)

A sidewalk shall not be less than 16 of the road

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Unformatted text preview: shall be 6 meters. (See fig. 1) 3. Grade of Sidewalks 3.1 Sidewalks shall, as much as possible, be level and of uniform grade throughout the entire length of the street. 3.2 Whenever the slope of the street does not exceed one in twelve (1/12) the sidewalk grade shall follow the level or slope of the street. (See fig. 4) 3.3 Whenever the slope of the street is one in ten (1/10) the sidewalk shall be maintained level for every 20 to 40 meters of run. Sidewalks of different levels shall be joined by means of a ramp having any convenient slope not exceeding one in six (1/6). (See fig. 6) 3.4 When the grade of two connecting sidewalks are between + one in 10 (+1/10) and + one in eight (+1/8), the two sidewalks shall be joined by means of a ramp having any convenient slope not exceeding one in ten (1/10). 4. Driveways, Entrances and Exits 4.1 Driveways Across Sidewalks 4.1.1 4.1.2 Whenever the height of the curb is more than 200 millimeters, driveways may be constructed across the entire width of the sidewalk, provided that the driveway shall be joined to the sidewalk by means of a ramp of rough finish having a slope of not more than one in eight (1/8). The driveway and the ramp shall be made of the same materials as that of the sidewalk. (See figs. 11 and 11-A and 7) 4.1.3 4.2 To maximize the use of the sidewalk area, the surface of the sidewalk and the driveway shall as much as possible, be at the same place. The entry ramp of the driveway connecting the roadway surface to the sidewalk surface shall have a slope ranging from one in three (1/3) to one in four (1/4). (See figs. 11 and 11-A) Driveway underneath arcades may be allowed only underneath cantilevered arcades within the road right-of-way or underneath colonnaded arcades on private properties outside the road right-of-way. (See fig. 8) Entrances and exits of buildings abutting sidewalks shall be made of either ramps or steps. 4.2.1 Entrance or exit ramps shall have a slope not exceeding one in ten (1/10). (See fig. 5) 4.2.2 Entrance or exit ramps shall have treads of not less than 300 millimeters. The minimum number of steps shall be two (2) with risers not exceeding 100 millimeters. 4.2.3 No portion of either entrance or exit ramps or steps intrude into the sidewalk pavement. 5. Obstruction on Sidewalk Under no circumstances shall obstructions of any kind be allowed on sidewalks, whether open or arcaded. RULE VII - ABATEMENT/DEMOLITION OF BUILDINGS 1. General Building Requirements 1.1 All buildings or structures as well as accessory facilities thereto shall conform in all respects to the principles of safe construction and must be suited to the purpose for which they are designed. 1.2 Buildings or structures intended to be used for the manufacture and/or production of any kind of article or product shall observe adequate environmental safeguards. 1.3 Buildings or structures and all parts thereof as well as all facilities found therein shall be maintained in safe, sanitary and good looking con...
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