Building Code of the Philippines(1)

And conditions of permits 52 53 failure of the

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Unformatted text preview: a Certificate of Occupancy even if constructed under a valid building permit. 6.3 Change in the existing use or occupancy classification of a building or structure or portion thereof without the corresponding Certificate of Change of Occupancy. 7. Non-Conforming Use or Occupancy: The use of occupancy of any building or structure legally authorized under R.A. 6541 or any existing city or municipal building code or ordinance prior to the adoption of the National Building Code (P.D. 1096) may be continued although such use or occupancy does not conform tot he approved land use and/or zoning ordinance. However, no such non-conforming use or occupancy shall be enlarged or increased or extended to occupy a greater area of land than that already occupied by such building or structure. Neither shall such non-conforming use or occupancy be moved in whole or in part, to any other portion of the lot or parcel of land where such non-conforming use or occupancy exists. A building/structure whose non-conforming use or occupancy has ceased for more than (1) year, or has been changed to a use permitted in the District/City/Municipality in which it is located, shall not be reviewed as a non-conforming use. A non-conforming building or structure, or a group of non-conforming buildings or structures related to one use and under one ownership, which have been damaged or destroyed by typhoons, fires, earthquakes, or other calamities, may be reconstructed and used as before provided that such reconstruction is done which twelve (12) months from the date of such damage, and provided, further, that the cost of the reconstruction is not more than twenty percent (20%) of the original construction cost of the buildings or structure. The structural repair and/or alteration of a non-conforming building/structure may be allowed once subsequent to or after the effectivity of the code and of this Rule provided the total cost thereof shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of its fair market value, and provided further that such repair/alteration shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Code. 8. Abatement/Demolition of Dangerous or Ruinous Buildings and Structures: When any building or structure is found or declared to be a nuisance, dangerous or ruinous, the Building Official shall order its repair, vacation or demolition depending upon the degree of danger to life, health, safety and/or well-being of the general public and its occupants. the condition or defect that would render any building or structure dangerous or ruinous as well as the procedures for abatement and/or demolition of dangerous buildings or structures are those provided under Rule VII of the Implementing Rules and Regulations. 9. Imposition of Administrative Fines: The Minister or his duly authorized representative may prescribe and impose fees not exceeding ten thousand pesos in the following cases, subject to the terms and procedure as hereunder provided: 9.1 Erecting, constructing, altering, repairing,...
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