Building Code of the Philippines(1)

And premises shall conform to the provisions of the

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Unformatted text preview: umbing Code. SECTION 904. Storm Drainage System (a) Rainwater drainage shall not discharge to the sanitary sewer system. (b) Adequate provisions shall be made to drain low areas in buildings and their premises. SECTION 905. Pest and Vermin Control (a) All buildings with hollow and/or wood construction shall be provided with rat proofing. (b) Garbage bins and receptacles shall be provided with ready means for cleaning and with positive protection against entry of pest and vermins. (c) Dining rooms for public use without artificial ventilation shall be properly screened. SECTION 906. Noise Pollution Control Industrial establishments shall be provided with positive noise abatement devices to tone down the noise level of equipment and machineries to acceptable limits set down by the Department of Labor and the National Pollution Control Commission. SECTION 907. Pipe Materials All pipe materials to be used in buildings shall conform to the Standard Specifications of the Philippine Standard Council. CHAPTER 10 BUILDING PROJECTION OVER PUBLIC STREETS SECTION 1001. General Requirements (a) No part of any building or structure or any of its appendages shall project beyond the property line of the building site, except as provided in this Code. (b) The projection of any structure or appendage over a public property shall be the distance measured horizontally from the property line to the outermost point of the projection. SECTION 1002. Projection into Alleys or Streets (a) No part of any structure or its appendage shall project into any alley or street, national road or public highway except as provided in this Code. (b) Footings located at least 2.40 meters below grade along national roads or public highway may project not more than 300 millimeters beyond the property line. (c) Foundations may be permitted to encroach into public sidewalk areas to a width not exceeding 500 millimeters; provided, that the top of the said foundations is not less than 600 millimeters below the established grade; and provided further, that said projection does not obstruct any existing utility such as power, communication, gas, water, or sewer lines, unless the owner concerned shall pay the corresponding entities for the rerouting of the parts of the affected utilities. SECTION 1003. Projection of Balconies and Appendages Over Streets (a) The extent of any projection over an alley or street shall be uniform within block and shall conform to the limitations set forth in Table 1003-A; Projection of Balconies and Appendages (Annex B-2) (b) The clearance between the established grade of the street and/or sidewalk and the lowest under surface of any part of the balcony shall not be less than 3.00 meters. SECTION 1004. Arcades (a) Whenever required by existing building and zoning regulations, arcades shall be constructed on sidewalks of streets. The width of the arcade and its height shall be uniform throughout the street provided, that in no case, shall an arcade be less than 3.00 m...
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