Building Code of the Philippines(1)

And structural plans by a duly licensed professional

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Unformatted text preview: eer or Architect that the structure is safe, and the fire safety provisions are in order. In the case of Category II and III Buildings/Structures (commercial, industrial and institutional buildings including multi-family living units such as accessories, apartments, dormitories, hotels and the like): a. TCT, tax declaration with current tax receipts, deed of sale, lease contract or contract to purchase as the case may be, of the lot and/or building/structure. b. As-built plans (Location and Site Plan, Architectural, Electrical, and Sanitary/Plumbing Plans) signed by a duly licensed Architect or Civil Engineer in case of architectural and structural plans, by a duly licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in case of electrical plans, by a duly licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer in case of mechanical plans, by a duly licensed Sanitary Engineer in case of sanitary or plumbing installation of more than 20 units of Master Plumber in case of sanitary or plumbing installations, not exceeding 20 units. c. Certifications from a duly licensed architect and/or civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and sanitary engineer or master plumber that the building/structure is architecturally and structurally sound, and that the electrical, mechanical (if any) and Sanitary/plumbing installations are in order (Refer to prescribed-forms therefor). d. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate issued by the CLFS. e. ANNEX “A-3” – AS AMENDED NATIONAL Buildings or houses belonging to Category I (single detached residential and duplex) for the exclusive use of that owner/applicant shall be exempted from payment of fees, provided that the application therefor is filed within two (2) years from the effectivity of this Rule. Failure of house owners to avail of the two (2) year grace period above set forth shall be a ground of the imposition of a fine of P1.00 per square meter of floor area. For buildings/structures belonging to Categories II and III, the fine shall be above. (This two years grace period expires on October 23, 1980). PROCESSING OF APPLICATIONS FOR CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY FOR BUILDING COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE EFFECTIVITY OF THE BUILDING CODE (P.D. 1096). All buildings under Categories II and III in cities and municipalities with building ordinances prior to the promulgation of P.D. 1096, shall be required to secure certificates of occupancy if same are required under the said ordinances. The following procedures should be followed: 1. The owner/applicant shall submit to the Building Official MPW Form No.77-005-B, duly accomplished under oath together with the following attachments: 1.1 TCT or Real Property Tax Declaration or Deed of Absolute Sale and Tax Receipt for the current year if the lot is owned by the applicant/owner of the building. 1.2 Contract of lease or written consent of the owner/administrator or contract to purchase or certificate of award (in case of government lots) if the applicant is not the owner of the lot ....
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