Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Area and percentage of occupancy non conforming use

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Unformatted text preview: ted. OCCUPANCY The purpose for which a building is used or intended to be used. The term shall also include the building or room housing such use. Change of occupancy is not intended to include change of tenants or proprietors. OWNER Any person, company, or corporation owning the property or properties under consideration or the receiver or trustee thereof. PANIC HARDWARE A bar which extends across at least one-half the width of each door leaf, which will open the door if subjected to pressure. PARTITION An interior subdividing wall. PIER An isolated mass of masonry forming support for arches, columns, girders, lintels, trusses, and similar structural parts. PILASTER A portion of the wall which projects on one or both sides and acts as a vertical beam, a column, or both. PLASTER, PORTLAND, CEMENT A mixture of portland cement, or portland cement and lime, and aggregate and other approved material as specified in this Code. PLASTICS, APPROVED Plastic materials which have a flame spread rating of 225 or less. PLATFORM, ENCLOSED A partially enclosed portion of an assembly room the ceiling of which is not more than 1.50 meters above the proscenium opening which is designed or used for the presentation of plays, demonstrations, or other entertainment wherein scenery, drops, decorations, of the effects may be installed or used. PUBLIC WAY A parcel of land unobstructed from the ground to the sky, more than 3.00 meters in width, appropriated to the free passage of the general public. REPAIR The reconstruction or renewal of any part of an existing building for the purpose of its maintenance. The word “repair” shall not apply to any change of construction. SHAFT A vertical opening through a building for elevators, dumbwaiters, mechanical equipment, or similar purposes. SHOW WINDOW A store window in which goods are displayed. SLUM Blighted Area; Eyesore; An area where the values of real estate tend to deteriorate because of the dilapidated, obsolescent, and insanitary condition of the building within the area. Any eyesore is a building or area .which is markedly unpleasant to look at. SOCALO, MASONRY The wall between the bottom of the window sill and the ground. SOFFIT The underside of a beam, lintel or reveal. STABLE Any structure designed and intended for the enclosure, shelter, or protection of any horse, carabao, or other cattle. STABLE, COMMERCIAL A stable wherein the animals kept are for business, racing or breeding purposes. STAGE A partially enclosed portion of an assembly building which is designed or used for the presentation of plays, demonstrations, or other entertainment wherein the scenery, drops or other effects may be installed or used, and where the distance between the top of the proscenium opening and the ceiling above the stage is more than 1.50 meters. STAIRWAY Two or more risers shall constitute a stairway. STAIRWAY, PRIVATE A stairway serving one tenant only. STOREY That portion of a building included between the upper surface of an...
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