Building Code of the Philippines(1)

At least one 1 approved handpump tank or portable

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Unformatted text preview: vided in such a manner that glare and shadows will not adversely affect the safety and protection of workers and property. 3.6.3 Temporary wiring for light, heat and/or power shall be adequately protected against mechanical or over-current failures. All conductive materials enclosing fixed or portable electric equipment, or forming a part of such equipment, shall be properly grounded. 3.6.4 3.7 Temporary electric service poles shall be self-supporting or adequately braced or guyed at all times. Welding and Cutting 3.7.1 Gas welding and cutting and arc welding in construction/demolition operations shall be restricted to experienced workers aceeptable to the NYMC. Suitable goggles or helmets and gloves shall be provided for and worn by workers engaged in gas welding or cutting or arc welding. Incombustible shields shall be provided to protect the worker when exposed to falling hot metal oxide. 3.7.2 Gas welding or cutting and arc welding shall not be done above other workers. When unavoidable, an incombustible shield shall be provided betweent he work and the workers below. A watchman shall be stationed to give warning at places where workers, in the course of their activity, are likely to pass under a gas welding or cutting or an arc welding operation. 3.7.3 Gas welding or cutting shall not be carried out in any place where ample ventilation is not provided, or from which quick escape is difficult. When unavoidable, workers engaged in such work in confined spaces shall be allowed frequent access to fresh air. A relief worker shall be stationed close at hand to assist the worker in case of accident and to shut off the gases. 3.7.4 Tanks of fuel gas shall not be moved or allowed to stand for any extended period when not in use unless the caps of such tanks are in place. Suitable cradles shall be used for lifting or lowering oxygen or fuel tanks, tor educe to a minimum the possibility of dropping tanks. Ordinary rope slings shall not be used. 3.7.5 Tanks supplying gases for welding or cutting shall be located at no greater distance from the work than is necessary for safety. Such tanks shall be securely fastened in place and in an upright position. They shall be stored or set in place for use so that they are not exposed to the direct rays of the sun or to high temperature. 3.7.6 3.7.7 3.8 Before steel beams or other structural shapes or elements of construction are cut by means of a gas flame they shall be secured by cables or chains to prevent dropping or swinging. Where, in the course of demolition work, steel work or ironwork is being cut, released or dismantled, all necessary precaution shall be taken to prevent danger from sudden twist, spring or collapse. Special Typhoon Precautions 3.8.1 Whenever a typhoon is expected to pass at or near the construction site, all construction materials or equipment shall be secured against displacement by wind forces. Construction shets, construction materials and equipment shall be secured by guying, shoring, or by...
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