Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: roofing or other similar materials. Wherever any enclosed flame heaters or open fires are used, there shall be a workman in constant attendance, whose duty shall be to have such heater or fire under proper control at all times. 3.4 Fire Protection 3.4.1 In all buildings in which standpipers are required, such standpipes shall be installed as the construction progresses in such a manner that they are always ready for Fire Department used, to the topmost constructed floor. Such standpipes shall be provided with a Fire Department connection on the outside of the building at the street level and with one (1) outlet at each floor. 3.4.2 In every construction operation, whatever a tool house, storeroom or other shanty is built or a room or space is used for storage, dressing room or workshop, at least one (1) approved handpump, tank or portable chemical or dry powder fir extinguisher shall be provided and maintained in an acessible location. 3.4.3 3.5 During construction operations, free access from the street to fire hydrants and to outside connections for standpipes, sprinkles or other fire extinguishing equipment, whether permanent or temporary shall be provided and maintained at all times. No material or construction equipment shall be placed within 3.00 meters of such hydrant or connection, nor between it and the center line of the street. Sanitation and first Aid 3.5.1 Adequate toilet facilities, maintained in a clean, sanitary condition, shall be provided at the construction/demolition site for the use of the workers. 3.5.2 An adequate supply of pure, cool drinking water shall be provided for workers during hours of work, and adequate sanitary washing facilities shall be provided for workers within reasonable access. 3.5.3 At every construction/demolition operation, arrangements shall be made for prompt medical attention in case of accident. An ample supply of first aid medicine (e.g. iodine, mercurochrome, absorbent cotton, aseptic gauze bandages) shall be provided and maintained in a clean sanitary cabinet, which shall be available at all times under the direction of the superintendent or a person designed by him. Unless competent medical attention is quickly available, where more than 200 workers are employed, a properly equipped first-aid room shall be provided, and a physician or competent nurse shall be in constant attendance. 3.6 Temporary Light and Power 3.6.1 All parts of buildings/structures under construction/demolition, and all sheds, scaffolds, canopied walkways, work or storage areas, and equipment used in connection with such operations shall have sufficient light to insure safety and protection of life and property. In passageways, stairways and corridors the average light intensity measured at floor level shall be not less than 2 foot candles. 3.6.2 At locations where tools and/or machinery are used, the average light intensity measured at floor level shall be not less than 5 candles. Natural or artificial illumination shall be pro...
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