Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: meters. This width shall not exceed the width of the steps by more than 330 millimeters. 6.3 Solid balustrades of incombustible material shall be provided on each side of the moving steps. If made of glass, it shall be of tempered type glass. 6.4 Each balustrade shall be provided with a handrail moving in the same direction and at the same speed as the steps. 6.5 The rated speed, measured along the angle of inclination, shall be not more than 38 mpm. 6.6 Starting switches shall be key operated and located within sight of escalator steps. 6.7 Emergency buttons shall be conspicuously and accessibly located at or near the top and bottom landings but protected from accidental contact. 7. Boilers and Pressure Vessels: 7.1 Location of Boilers. 7.1.1 Boilers may be located inside buildings provided that the boiler room is reinforced concrete or masonry and that the boiler room shall not be used for any other purpose. 7.1.2 In case the main building is not made up of fire resistive materials, boilers shall be located outside the building at a distance of not less than 3.00 meters from the outside wall of the main building and the building housing the boiler shall be made up of fire resistive materials. 7.1.3 No part of the boiler shall be closer than one meter from any wall. 7.1.4 Fire tube boilers shall be provided with sufficient room for removal/replacement of tubes either thru the front or rear. 7.2 Smokestacks whether self-supporting or guyed, shall be of sufficient capacity to handle duel gases, shall be able to withstand a wind load of 175 km per hour and shall rise at least 5 meters above the eaves of any building within a radius of 50 meters. 7.3 Manufacturers/assemblers of boilers/pressure vessels/pressurized water heaters shall stamp each vessel on the front head or on any other suitable location with the name of the manufacturer, serial number, maximum allowable working pressure, heating surface in sq. m. and year of manufacture. 7.4 Boilers of more than 46 sq. m. heating surface shall each be provided with two means of feeding water, one steam driven and one electrically driven, one pump and one injector. 7.5 Two check valves shall be provided between any feed pumps and the boiler in addition to the regular shut-off valve. 7.6 Where two or more boilers are connected in parallel, each steam outlet shall be provided with a non-return valve and a shut-off valve. 7.7 Boiler rooms shall have at least two separate exits. 7.8 In no case shall the maximum pressure of an old/existing boiler be increased to a greater pressure than would be allowed for a new boiler of same construction. 7.9 Each boiler shall have at least one safety valve. For boilers having more than 46 sq. meters pressure of water heating surface or a generating capacity exceeding 907 kg. per hour, two (2) or more safety valves shall be required. 7.10 Each boiler shall have a steam gauge, with a dial range of not less than 1-1/2 times and not more than twice the maximum allowable working...
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