Building Code of the Philippines(1)

By the board of master plumbers include the following

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Unformatted text preview: the Board of Master Plumbers, shall include the following: 1. Design and analysis and plans of the original installation. 2. Plans and details drawings of additional installation. 3. Estimated cost of additional/altered installation (for statistical purposes only). e) For new, additional or altered plumbing installation not exceeding twenty (20) units, the Engineering Documents signed and sealed by a duly licensed Master Plumber shall include the following: 1. Plumbing Plan and Layout. 2. Isometric drawing. 3. Guide specifications and Bill of Materials. 4. Estimate of Cost (for statistical purposes only). Mechanical: a) The corresponding plans and specifications for 50HP or more, signed and sealed by a duly licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer shall contain the following: 1. General layout plan for each floor, to scale of not less than 1:100 M; indicating the equipment in heavier lines than the building outline. Names of machinery and corresponding brake horsepower shall be indicated. 2. Longitudinal and transverse action drawn to scale of at least 1:100 M showing interfloor relations and defining the manner of support of machinery (weather through building structure, by separate staging, or by foundations resting on the ground). 3. Isometric drawing of piping system showing: a. assembly of pipes on racks and supports. b. complete individual piping system indicating terminal to terminal valves, fittings, sizes and color coding. 4.Plan indicating location of store rooms, fuel tanks, fire extinguishing system, fire doors, fire escapes ladders and other similar fire protective facilities. 5.Plans of all duct work installations, indicating dampers, controls, filters, fireproofing, acoustical and thermal insulation. 6.Detailed plans of machinery foundations and supports drawn to scale of at least 1.50 M. 7.Detailed plans of boilers and pressure vessels with a working pressure of above 10 psig regardless of HP rating drawn to scale of at least P50 M. 8.Computation and detailed plans of elevators, escalators and the like, drawn to scale of at least 1:50 M. 9. Complete machinery list, showing: a. Name and type of machinery b. Make a catalog number, size, model, serial number, capacity c. Revolution per minute (RPM) and drive (direct, V-belt or flat-belt, gear reducer, hydraulic, magnetic, chain or line shafting) d. Motor or Prime Mover, showing 1. ICE (International Combustion Engine): a. Horsepower (HP) rating b. RPM (Revolution per minute) c. Total Horsepower d. Fuel e. Use 2. Electric Motor: a. Horsepower (HP) rating b. RPM (Revolution per minute) c. Voltage d. Chase e. Cycle f. Current g. Kilowatt (KW) h. Use 10. Flow Sheets For Processing Plant, Manufacturing Plant for Assembly Plant b) For all installations, additions or alterations involving machinery of at least 20 HP, the signature of the applicant shall be sufficient. c) Estimate of cost of installation and equipment shall be submitted. Electrical: a) For new electrical instal...
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