Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Card exhibit iv shall be accomplished in two copies

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Unformatted text preview: f the General Fund Special Account 151, of the Office of the Minister, MPW, pursuant to PD 1096 otherwise known as the National Building Code. Any circular/s that may subsequently be issued by the proper authorities revoking or amending provisions or certain portions of circular/s incorporated in the above rules and regulations shall automatically revoke or amend such corresponding portions that are inconsistent therewith. The provisions or portions of circulars, as amended shall automatically prevail without need of further revisions of this Rule IV - Rules and Regulations of the National Building Code. RULE V - SIGNS Pursuant to Chapter 20 of the National Building Code (P.D. 1096), the following rules and regulations shall govern the design, content, construction, location, installation and maintenance of outdoor billboards, advertising and display signs, streamers, posters and the like. Definition - For purposes of this Rule, the following definitions shall apply: ADVERTISING SIGN - A sign that directs attention to a business, profession, commodity, service or entertainment conducted, sold or offered at a place other than where the business, professions, etc., is located. An off-premise sign. ARCADE - Any portion f the building above the first floor projecting over the sidewalk beyond the first story wall used as protection for pedestrians. BILLBOARD - A panel for posting bills or posters. BUSINESS LINE - The line formed by the intersection of the outer surface of the enclosing wall of the building and the surface of the ground. DISPLAY SIGN - Any material, device or structure that is arranged, intended, designed, or used as an advertisement, announcement or directory that includes a sign, sign screen, billboards or advertising device of any kind. DISPLAY STAND - Any movable structure, table, showcase, cabinet and the like where goods or periodicals are displayed. DISPLAY SURFACE - The entire area enclosed by the extreme limits or perimeter of a sign. DISPLAY WINDOW - That portion of a building abutting the sidewalk open to public view protected by grilles, screens or transparent materials for the display of goods. ELECTRICAL SIGN - Any sign which has characters, letters, figures, designs, faces, backgrounds or outline illuminated by incandescent or fluorescent lamps or luminous tubes as part of the sign proper. These light sources being either external or internal. GROUND SIGN - A sign resting on the ground. POSTER - A fabricated flat surface upon which a message is either poster or painted. PROJECTING SIGN - A sign fastened to, suspended from or supported on a building or structure the display surface of which is perpendicular from the wall surface or is at an angle therefrom. ROOF SIGN - A sign installed on roofs, roof decks or eaves. SIGN - Any letter, word, numeral, pictorial presentation, illustration, decoration, emblem, device, symbol or trademark, flag, banner, or pennant, or any other figure of similar character that is: - attached to, painted on...
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