Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: ow it. SECTION 806. Size and Dimension of Rooms (a) Minimum sizes of rooms and their least horizontal dimensions shall be as follows: 1. Rooms for Human Habitations - 6.00 square meters with a least dimension follows: 2. Kitchens - 3.00 square meters with a least dimension of 1.50 meters; 3. Bath and toilet - 1.20 square meters with a least dimension of 0.90 meter. SECTION 807. Air Space Requirements in Determining the Size of Rooms (a) School Rooms - 3.00 cubic meters with 1.00 square meter of floor area per person; 1. School Rooms - 3.00 cubic meter with 1.00 square meter of floor area per person; 2. Workshops, Factories, and Offices - 12.00 cubic meters of air space per person; 3. Habitable rooms - 14.00 cubic meters of air space per person. SECTION 808. Window Openings (a) Every room intended for any use, not provided with artificial ventilation system as herein specified in this Code, shall be provided with a window or windows with a total free area of openings equal to at least ten percent of the floor area of room, and such window shall open directly to a court, yard, public street or alley, or open water courses. SECTION 809. Vent Shafts (a) Ventilation or vent shafts shall have a horizontal cross-sectional area of not less 0.10 square meter for every meter of height of shaft but in no case shall the area be less than 1.00 square meter. No vent shaft shall have its least dimension less than 600 millimeters. (b) Skylights - Unless open to the outer air at the top for its full area, vent shaft shall be covered by a skylight having a net free area or fixed louver openings equal to the maximum required shaft area. (c) Air ducts shall open to a street or court by a horizontal duct or intake at a point below the lowest window opening. Such duct or intake hall have a minimum unobstructed cross-sectional area of not less than 0.30 square meter with a minimum dimension of 300 millimeters. The openings to the duct or intake shall be not less than 300 millimeters above the bottom of the shaft and the street surface or level of court, at the respective ends of the duct or intake. SECTION 810. Ventilation Skylights (a) Skylights shall have a glass area not less than that required for the windows that are replaced. They shall be equipped with movable sashes or louvers with an aggregate net free area not less than that required for openable parts in the window that are replaced or provided with approved artificial ventilation of equivalent effectiveness. SECTION 811. Artificial Ventilation (a) Rooms or spaces housing industrial or heating equipment shall be provided with artificial means of ventilation to prevent excessive accumulation of hot and/or polluted air. (b) Whenever artificial ventilation is required, the equipment shall be designed and constructed to meet the following minimum requirements in air changes: 1. For rooms entirely above grade and used for office, clerical, or administrative purposes, or as stores, sales rooms, restaurants, market...
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