Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Concrete construction shall conform to the detailed

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Unformatted text preview: and floor and roof constructions), the necessary initial readings shall be made for the measurements of deflections (and strains, if these are considered necessary) caused by the application of the test load. The members selected for loading shall be subjected to a superimposed test load equivalent to 0.3 times the dead load plus 1.7 times the live load (tes load =+ 0.3D + 1.71). The test load shall be applied without shock to the structure and in a manner to avoid arching of the loading materials. The test load shall be left in position for 24 hours whereupon readings of the deflections shall be taken. The test load shall be removed and additional readings of deflections shall be taken 24 hours after the removal of the test load. (c) Criteria for Evaluation of Load Tests. If the structure shows evident failure or fails to meet the following criteria, the changes needed to make the structure adequate for the rated capacity shall be made or a lower rating may be established as follows: 1. If the maximum deflection, /\ , is less than L2 / 20,000t, the requirements on recovery of deflection is sub-paragraph may be waived. 2. If the maximum deflection, /\ , of a reinforced concrete beam, floor or roof exceed L2 / 20,000t, the recovery of deflection within 24 hours after the removal of the test load shall be at least 75 per cent of the maximum deflection. 3. In determining the limiting deflection for a cantilever, L2 shall be taken as twice the distance from the support to the end, and the deflection shall be adjusted for movement of the support. 4. Construction failing to show 75 per cent recovery of the deflection may be retested. The second test loading shall not be made until at least 72 hours after removal of the test load for the first test. The structure shall show no evidence of failure in the retest, and the recovery of deflection caused by the second test load shall be at least 75 per cent. CHAPTER 6 MASONRY Section 6.01: Materials (a) General. The qulity and design of materials assembled in masonry work shall conform with internationally accepted engineering standards and specifications, subject to the provisions of this Code. The materials included in masonry work shall be classified as: structural clay products, pre-cast products, adobe stone, clay brick, natural stones of irregular units, reclaimed masonry units, pre-cast lintels, mortar, grout, and reinforcement. (b) Other Materials. Any masonry material other than those specified in this Chapter, which is incombastible and sufficiently close to the characteristics of any of the materials classified under this Chapter may be aduded by the Building Official in the classification of the material to which it most closely resembles: provided, however, that such material shall have passed actual tests in accordance with applicable standards, not only as separate units but also as combined. Section 6.07: Standard Minimum Requirements (a) Columns (1) If the load on the pilaster can be carried...
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