Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Conditions provide effective control of air noise and

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Unformatted text preview: ools -1 slot/10 classrooms 1.16.2 Colleges and universities 1.17 Hospitals 1.18 - 1 slot/5 classrooms - 1 slot/25 beds Recreational facilities 1.18.1 Bowling alleys 1.18.2 Amusement centers - 1 slot/4 alleys - 1 slot/50 sq.m. of gross floor area 1.18.3 Clubhouses, beach houses and the like - 1 slot/100 sq.m. of gross floor area 1.19 Factories, manufacrturing establishments, mecantile buildings, warehouses and storage bins - 1 car slot/1,000 sq.m. of gross floor area 1.20 Tourist bus parking areas - 2 bus slots/hotel or theater restaurant 2. Parking Requirement Computation: The off-street parking requirement rating may be reduced in accordance with any or all of the following applicable conditions, provided such conditions are permanent: 2.1 Only off-street service and loading bay requirements are to be provided if the area where the building/structure to be erected is designated as a pedestrian-dominated zone. 2.2 In mixed occupancies, the parking requirements shall be the sum of 100% of the dominant use and 50% of each of the non-dominant uses. 2.3 Fifty percent of all available on-street parking slots along roads fronting the property lines, whether police-controlled or meter-controlled, may be included in computing parking requirements of individual buildings/structures located thereat. 2.4 In areas where adequate public parking lots/multi-floor parking garages are available within 200 meters of the proposed buildings/structures, only 20% of parking requirements may be provided within the premises. 2.5 3. In computing for parking slots, a fraction of 0.5 and above shall be considered as 1 slot. In all cases however, a minimum of 1 parking slot shall be provided except in cases falling under Sections 1.2 and 1.3. Special Provisions: For buildings/structures intended for the use or occupancy of the handicapped, the following minimum provisions shall be observed: 3.1 1 accessible parking slot for the handicapped per 50 parking lots up to 150 slots and an additional slot for every 100 slots thereafter. 3.2 Wheel chair transfer area: One between every two spaces. Directly connects to accessible walks of travel and accessible building entrances (See Fig. 1). 3.3 Maximum distance of accessible prking area from facility served. Parking areas for the physically handicapsped shall be wtihin 60 m. of the facility being served. This shall be measured from the farthest space along accessible path to the closest accessible entrance. (See Fig. 2) 3.4 All accessible parking spaces for the handicapped shall have the international symbol of access (See Fig. 3). All signs are to be in white graphics on a dark blue background. Size for exterior use shall be 30 cm. by 30 cm. or 60 cm. by 60 cm. Lettering for facility identification for the partially sigted shall be a minimum height of 5.0 cm. 4. brief Loading Slot Requirements: 4.1 Stores, manufacturing, wholesale or mercantile buldings/structures, or similar occupancies - 1 loading slot for every 5,000 sq.m. of gross...
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