Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Demolition will constitute a lien of the immovable

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Unformatted text preview: __________________ _________________________________________________ BUILDING OFFICIAL _________________________________________________ DATE MPW FORM NO. 77-011-B REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL ________________________________ District/City/Municipality Area Code ____________ LOG BOOK SHEET Building Permit No. _______________ Project: ______________________________________ Location: _____________________________________ Manpower Organization Equipment Use Weather Date ACTIVITIES (If the construction is undertaken by contract) Prepared by Submitted by ____________________________________ _______________________________________ Contractor Architect / Civil Engineer Contractor's License No. ________________ In-cahrge of Construction Date Issued __________________________ Sign and Seal COMMENTS / RECOMMENDATIONS : _______________________________________ Building Official / Inspector _______________________ Date MPW FORM NO. 77-012-B Page No. ________ at _____________________ REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE OF THE BUILDING OFFICIAL ______________________________________________ District / City / Municipality OWNER _________________________________ Type of Construction _______________________ Location _________________________________ Permit No. _____________ Date _____________ Architect or Civil Engineer In-Charge of Construction _______________________________________ The following requirements have to be verified by the Building Inspector before proceeding with any subsequent work. 1. Line and Grade, Foundation, Columns or Post 2. Floor Framing, Floor Overhang, Height of Floors 3. Roof Framing, Overhand of Eaves BUILDING OFFICIALS INSPECTION REPORT Date Reports Initial NOTE: This report shall be accomplished in triplicate (a copy of each for the owner, office file and Building Official Inspector) which shall be issued with the Building Permit. MPW FORM NO. 77-012-B CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION For buildings occupied prior to PD 1096 NO. _______________ DATE _____________ NAME OF APPLICANT: _____________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ LOCATION OF BUILDING: __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: __________________________________________________________ NO. OF STOREY (S) _________________________________________________________________ TYPE OF OCCUPANCY: _____________________________________________________________ FLOOR AREA: _____________________________________________________________________ FAIR MARKET VALUE: _____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ THE ABOVE BUILDING HAS BEEN INSPECTED AND FOUND...
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