Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: For provincial buses, air-conditioned buses, passenger trains and airplanes the designated seats for disabled persons may be occupied by other passengers only if no disabled persons shall occupy these seats at the start of the trip. 6.7 Jeepneys shall have at least two (2) seats preferably the front seats as designated seats for disabled persons. 6.8 For jeepneys, other passengers may use these designated seats if not occupied and yield them to incoming disabled passengers only if the yielding passenger can still be accommodated at the back. 6.9 In domestic shipping, each vessel shall: a. Allocate on a per class-basis, areas for disabled passengers. These areas shall be nearest to the entrance and/or exit doorways of the vessels. b. Give priority to disabled passengers embarkation and disembarkation through the assignment of "time windows". Disabled passengers shall be given a twenty (20) minute period to embark ahead of the three (3) hour embarkation time prior to the ship's departure; and shall be allocated a maximum of one (1) hour fro disembarkation after the ship's arrival. 7. The designated seats shall be identified by the Internationa Symbol of Access. 8. Owners or operators of city buses operating in highly urbanized cities shall install in their units audiovisual aids such as buzzer, bell, flashing light to inform the driver of any alighting passenger. 9. At least one deck in passenger ships shall be provided with accessible ramps, passageways, access to gangways, galleys, safety equipment and bunks/berths/cabins with dimensions conforming with the requirements as provided in rule II. RULE V - ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT 1. Responsibility for Administration and Enforcement The administration and enforcement of the provision of these Rules and Regulations shall be vested in the Secretary of Public Works and Highways and the Secretary of Transportation and Communications, in accordance with the functions and jurisdiction of their respective Departments as provided for by laws as follows. 1.1 The Secretary through the Heads of attached agencies of the Department of Public Works and Highways, with the technical assistance of the Building Research Development Staff, shall administer and enforce the provisions of these Rules and Regulations through the City/Municipal Engineer who shall also act as Local Building Official pursuant to Section 477 of R.A. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 and as applied to the following: 1.1.1 Buildings and related structures including public transport terminals 1.1.2 Streets and Highways 1.2 The Secretary of Transportation and Communications shall administer and enforce the provisions of these Rules and Regulations through the Heads of Line and Attached Agencies of the Department as follows: 1.2.1 Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board - In respect to the issuance of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) and Provisional Authority (PA) for the operation of pub...
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