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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Device of any kind display stand any movable

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Unformatted text preview: or in any manner represented on a building or structure. used to announce, direct attention to or advertise, and visible to the public. SIGN STAND - Any movable structure on which a sign is mounted or supported. STRUCTURE - That which is built or constructed, an edifice or building of any kind, or any piece of work artificially build up or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner. TEMPORARY SIGN - A sign of cloth or other light and/or combustible material, with or without frame installed for a limited period of time. WALL SIGN - A sign painted on, attached or fastened to the surface of the wall or any part of a building or structure the display surface or which is parallel to the wall surface. IMPRINT - A plaque or sticker or lettering to be painted on either the top or the bottom of the poster or sign as a means of identifying the company to whom the structure belongs and the permit issued therefor. 2. General Provisions: 2.1 Signs shall adhere to the Code of Ethics for Advertising and Promotions and to the rules and regulations of the appropriate agency in charge of the conduct of the business. 2.2 Signs shall promote and uphold the public good especially in historical monuments and shrines, natural scenic areas, parks, parkways and their immediate approaches. Immediate approaches shall mean a distance not exceeding 50.00 meters from the periphery of said areas. 2.3 Signs shall display or convey only messages or visuals that conform to public decency and good taste. 2.4 Signs shall follow standards of design, construction and maintenance in the interest of public safety, convenience, good viewing and to promote proper urban design or community architecture. 2.5 Sign structures may be constructed only in areas where zoning regulations permit them and in accordance with the accepted standards of design; construction and maintenance. 2.6 Sign structures shall be constructed in accordance with the provisions of Section 2003 of the National Building Code. Plans of sign structures exceeding 3.00 meters in height from the ground shall be signed and sealed by a duly registered Architect or Civil Engineer. 2.7 Signs and sign structures built within highly restrictive fire zones shall be of incombustible materials. No combustible materials other than approved plastics shall be used in construction of electrical signs. 2.8 Signs and sign structures equipped with electrical devices shall have an electrical wiring plant conforming with the provision of the Philippine Electrical Code duly signed by a Professional Electrical Engineer; Provided, that for installations not exceeding 600 volts and 4 kilowatts, a sketch and bill of materials signed and sealed by an electrical Engineer or Master Electrician shall be sufficient. 2.9 Signs shall be placed in such a manner that no part of its surface will interfere in any way with the free use of a doorway, a fire escape, standpipe or other required means of exit and fire-protective devices. 2.10 Signs shall...
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