Building Code of the Philippines(1)

During periods of unusual darkness all warning signs

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Unformatted text preview: the additional loads caused by the fill or surcharge. 3.2.4 Existing footings or foundations which may be affected by any excavation shall be underpinned adequately, or otherwise protected against settlement, and shall be protected against lateral movement. 3.2.5 Fills to be used to support the foundations of any building or structure shall be placed in accordance with accepted engineering practice. A soil investigation report and a report of satisfactory placement of fill, both acceptable to the Building Official shall be submitted. 3.2.6 Any person making or causing an excavation below grade immediately adjoining another property shall protect the excavation so that the soil of adjoining property will not cave-in or settle. Before commencing the excavation, the person making or causing the excavation to be made shall notify in writing the owners of adjoining buildings not less than 10 days before such excavation is to be made. 3.3 Storage of Materials 3.3.1 Materials to be stored at or near construction sites shall be piled or stacked in an orderly manner to avoid toppling over or being otherwise displaced. No materials shall be piled or stacked higher than 1.80 meters, except in yards or sheds intended especially for storage. When piles exceed 1.20 meters in height, the material shall be so arranged that the sides and ends of the piles taper back. 3.3.2 The placing of construction materials in a building/structure during construction operations shall be done with the consideration of the effect of such loads on the structural members and such loads shall, in general, be placed as near as possible to the points of support of the structural members. Such loading shall not cause stresses in any structural member beyond the design stresses. 3.3.3 Waste materials or rubbish resulting from construction operations shall be removed as rapidly as possible ad shall not be allowed to accumulate on the premises or adjacent thereto. 3.3.4 Storage of combustible materials shall not be allowed in any part of a building under construction until fireproofing of that part of the building has been installed. Storage of combustible materials shall not be permitted under or near welding operations. 3.3.5 In every building reinforced concrete construction, forms of combustible materials shall be stripped from the concrete and removed from the building as soon as practicable. No part of the building shall be used for the storage of combustible materials until such forms have been removed in that part of the building. 3.3.6 Storage of materials on stairs or in stairways or adjacent to stair openings shall not be permitted. 3.3.7 Open fires for the purpose of disposing of waste materials, the heating of roofing or other materials or for any other purposewhatsoever shall not be allowed except with the permission of the Chief of the Local Fire Service. In Fire Zones of Types I, II and III construction, only heaters with enclosed flames shall be used for the heating of any...
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