Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Except neon signs which shall be constructed in

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Unformatted text preview: han 5.00 meters shall be provided below the lowest part of such signs projecting over arcaded streets. 3.5.3 The erection of electrical neon signboards or other advertisements of similar nature projecting over roadways or public streets, shall be allowed, provided that: Clear distances between the signboards erected on one building is not less than 4.00 meters. Signboards on multi-storey buildings shall be erected on the same vertical line and shall not overlap each other. Tops of signboards shall not exceed over the topmost part of the parapet or the bottom line of the eave of the building. Horizontal projections of signboards shall follow Rules 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 above. In case of two adjacent buildings, adjacent signboards shall be placed at a distance of not less than 2.00 meters from the common boundary line. Signboards shall not obstruct any window or emergency exit, nor be closer than 1.00 meter to electric and telephone posts and wires. Vertical clearances shall follow Rule 3.5.2 above. 3.6 Wall Signs The construction of wall signs shall be subject to the following conditions: (see Figure 4.) 3.6.1 Display signs placed against the exterior surface of buildings shall not extend more than 300 millimeters from the wall with its lowest portion not less than 3.00 meters above the sidewalk. 3.6.2 Signs shall not extend beyond the top and/or sides of any face of the exterior perimeter walls of the building. Signs when made of combustible materials shall not exceed 4.00 square meters in area. Those made of incombustible materials may be allowed to cover the entire surface of blank walls only and shall not be allowed to cover or obstruct openings. 3.6.3 All signs painted or pasted on the exterior surface of buildings or structures may be considered either as business or advertising signs. 3.6.4 Sign stands or display stands shall not be placed on the sidewalk pavement. 3.6.5 Signs shall not be attached to, painted on, installed or displayed on posts or columns of arcades. 3.6.6 Display windows or wall signs within 3.00 meters above the sidewalk shall be flush or recessed. 3.7 Temporary Signs 3.7.1 All temporary signs, bills, posters and the like may be installed or posted only in areas or structures allowed by pertinent provisions of this Code. 3.7.2 Streamers strung over or across any public thoroughfare shall have the necessary permit therefor from the Building Official. The lowest point of the bottom edge of streamer shall have a minimum clearance of 4.30 meters above the pavement. 4. Administrative Provisions: 4.1 Applications Any person desiring to display, erect, or maintain any sign shall file an application therefor with the Office of the Building Official in a standard form stating among others, the location of the premises wherein said sign is to be displayed, erected or maintained accompanied with the pertinent drawings and/or sketches. The application shall also include the location a...
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