Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: affolds shall be of sufficient size and strength to sustain at least six times the maximum loads to which they will be subjected. Where acids are likely to come into contact with them, ropes shall not be used in support of scaffolds, but steel cables properly protected by grease or oil or other effectivey methods shall be used instead. 4.8.4 Every scaffold, the platform level of which is more than 1.80 meters above the ground, or above a permanent or temporary floor, other than iron workers' scaffolds and carpenters' bracket scaffolds, shall be provided with guard rails and two boards extending the full length of the scaffold and along the ends except where ramps or runways connect with them, unless otherwise enclosed or guarded. On suspended, swinging and pole scaffolds, the space between guard rails and two boards shall be fitted with wire mesh screens securely attached. 4.8.5 Where objects are likely to fall on a scaffold from avove, a substantial overhead protection shall be provided; not more than 3.00 meters above the scaffold platform, and at doorways, passageways or other points where workers must pass under scaffolds, a substantial overhead protection shall be provided. No materials or equipment other than required by the workers shall be placed on scaffold platforms. 4.8.6 4.8.7 Barrels, boxes or other similar unstable objects shall not be used as supports for planking intended as scaffolds or places of work. 4.8.4 When used over public sidewalks or other places of public use, scaffolds used for minor building repairs, alterations, or painting, shall be equipped with drop cloths to effectively prevent the filling of paint or debris. 4.8.9 4.9. Roof brackets, roof scantling, crawling boards and similar forms of supports shall be substantial in construction and securely fastened in place when in use. Scaffolds used for sandblasting and gunitang operations shall be entirely and effectively enclosed, and the determination of effective enclosure shall be the complete absence of particles of materials of operation in the air at a horizontal distance of 15.00 meters from the point of operation. Temporary Flooring 4.9.1 In buildings of skeleton construction and permanent floor, except for necessary hoistway openings, shall, when possible, be constructed as the building progresses. There shall be not more than three un-filled floors above the highest permanent floor. 4.9.2 In building of skeleton construction the entire working floor shall be planked over, except spaces required for construction work, for raising or lowering materials, and for stairways or ladders. Planks shall be placed sot that they cannot tip under the weight of a worker at any point and secured so that they cannot slip out of place. 4.9.3 In buildings of wood joist construction, the under-floor shall be laid for each floor as the building progresses. 4.10 Floor Openings 4.10.1 All floor openings used as hoistways or elevator shaftways shall be protected on all sides, except the...
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