Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: an that provided for buildings under this Tule, or to create an additional room, unless such additional room conform to the requirements of this Rule. 1.4 2. Subject to the provisions of the Civil Code of the Philippines on Easements of Light and View, and to the provisions of Chapter 8 of the code, every building shall be designed, constructed, and equipped to provide adequate light and ventilation. No building shall be enlarged so that the dimensions of the required court or yard would be less than that prescribed for such building. Measurement and Percentage of Site Occupancy 2.1 The measurement of site occupancy or lot occupancy shall be taken at the ground level and shall be exclusive of courts, yards, and light wells. 2.2 Courts, yards, and light wells shall be measured clear of all projections from the walls enclosing such wells or yards with the exception of roof leaders, wall copings, sills, or steel fire escapes not exceeding 1.20 meters in width. 2.3 Maximum site occupancy shall be governed by use, type of construction, and height of the building and the use, area, nature and location of the site; and subject to the provisions of the local zoning requirements and in accordance with the following: 2.3.1 Types of Open Spaces: a) Public - Streets, alleys, easements of seashores, rivers, creeks, esteros, railroad tracks, etc., parks, plazas, playgrounds, etc. b) Private - Courts, yards, setbacks, lightwells, uncovered driveways, access roads and parking spaces. Table I - Private Open Space Requirements PERCENT OF OPEN SPACE TYPE OF LOT A & B (Residential) a) Interior Lot (Lot located in the interior of a block made assessible from a public streetor alley by means of a private access road) 50% b) Inside Lot (Non-comer or single frontage lot) ALL OTHERS 25% 20% 15% c) Corner and/or Through Lot 10% 5% d) Lots bounded on three (3) or more sides by public open spaces such as streets, alleys, easement of seashores, rivers, esteros, etc. 5% 5% NOTE: 1) Refer to Section 3 of Rule III for occupancy grouping. 2) Group A buildings in R-1 Zones shall follow the minimum yard standards in Table II to comply with the open space requirements. EXCEPTIONS: When the lots as described in (b), (c), and (d) in Table 1 are too shallow such that the public open space on which they abut can adequately supply light and ventilation to every room therein subject to the requirements on window opening, the requirement on private open space above may be waived, provided, however, that for lots abutting only one public open space, the depth shall be not more than 5.00 meters; and for those abutting two or more public open spaces, the depth shall be not more than 10.00 meters (See Fig. 3.2 to 3.4) 3) Sizes and Dimensions of Courts and Yards Minimum sizes of courts and yards and their least dimentsions shall be governed by the use, type of construction, and height of the building as provided hereunder, provided that the minimum horizontal dimension of said courts and y...
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