Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Form with the office of the building official every

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Unformatted text preview: Office of the Building Official. Every application shall provide at least the following information. (1) A description of the work to be covered by the permit applied for. (2) Description and ownership of the lot on which the proposed work is to be done as evidenced by TCT and/or copy of the contract of lease over the lot if applicant is not the registered owner; (3) The use of occupancy for which the proposed work is intended; (4) Estimated cost of the proposed work. To be submitted together with such application are at least five sets of corresponding plans and specifications prepared, signed and sealed by duly licensed architect or civil engineer in case of architectural plans and structural plans, by a registered mechanical engineer in case of mechanical plans, by a registered electrical engineer in case of electrical plans and by a licensed sanitary engineer or master plumber in case of plumbing or sanitary installation plans except in those cases exempted or not required by the Building Official under this Code. SECTION 303. Processing of Building Permits The processing of building permits shall be under the overall administrative control and supervision of the Building Official and his technical staff of qualified professionals. In processing an application for a building permit, the Building Official shall see to it that the applicant satisfies and conforms with approved standard requirements on zoning and land use, lines and grades, structural design, sanitary and sewerage, environmental health, electrical and mechanical safety as well as with other rules and regulations promulgated in accordance with provisions of this Code. SECTION 304. Issuance of Building Permits When satisfied that the work described in an application for building permit and the plans and specifications submitted therewith, conform to the requirements of this Code and other pertinent rules and regulations, the Building Official shall, within fifteen days from payment of the required fees by the applicant, issue the building permit applied for. The Building Official may issue a permit for the construction of only a part or portion of a building or structure whenever the plans and specifications submitted together with the application do not cover the entire building or structure. Approved plans and specifications shall not be changed, modified or altered without the approval of the Building Official and the work shall be done strictly in accordance thereto. SECTION 305. Validity of Building Permits The issuance of a building permit shall not be construed as an approval or authorization to the permittee to disregard or violate any of the provisions of this Code. Whenever the issuance of a permit is based on approved plans and specifications which are subsequently found defective, the Building Official is not precluded from requiring permittee to effect the necessary corrections in said plans and specifications or from preventing or ordering the stoppage of any or all bui...
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