Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Green for pedestrians should not be less than 6

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Unformatted text preview: e of durable material at a height of 0.30 m to 0.40 m; 4. THRESHOLDS 4.1 Thresholds shall be kept to a minimum; whenever necessary, thresholds and sliding door trachs shall have a maximum height of 25 mm and preferably ramped; 5. SWITCHES 5.1 Manual switches shall be positioned within 1.20 m to 1.30 m above the floor; 5.2 Manual switches should be located no further than 0.20 from the latch side of the door; 6. SINGAGES (See "SIGNAGES" under OUTSIDE & AROUND BUILDINGS.) 7. CORRIDORS 7.1 Corridors shall have a minimu clear width of 1.20 m; waiting areas and other facilities or spaces shall not obstruct the minimum clearance requirement; 7.2 Recesses or turnabout spaces should be provided for wheelchairs to turn around or to enable another wheelchair to pass; these spaces shall have a minimum area of 1.50 m x 1.50 m. and shall be spaced at a maximum of 12.00 m.; 7.3 Turnabout spaces should also be provided at or within 3.50 m. of every dead end; 7.4 As in walkways, corridors should be maintained level and provided with a slipresistant surface; 8. WASHROOMS & TOILETS 8.1 Accessible public washrooms and toilets shall permit easy passage of a wheelchair and allow the occupant to enter a stall, close the door and transfer to the water closet from either a frontal or lateral position; 8.2 Accessible water closet stalls shall have a minimum area of 1.70 x 1.80 mts. One movable grab bar and one fixed to the adjacent wall shall be installed at the accessible water closet stall for lateral mounting; fixed grab bars on both sides of the wall shall be installed for stalls for frontal mounting; 8.3 A turning space of 2.25 sg.m. with a minimum dimension of 1.50 m. for wheelchairs shall be provided for water closet stalls for lateral mounting; 8.4 All accessible public toilets shall have accessories such as mirrors, paper dispensers, towel racks and fittings such as faucets mounted at heights reachable by a person in a wheelchair; 8.5 The minimum number of accessible water closets on each floor level or on that part of a floor accessible to the disabled shall be one (1) where the total number of water closets per set on that level is 20; and two (2) where the number of water closets exceed 20; 8.6 In order to aid visually impaired persons to readily determine whether a washrrom is for men or for women, the signage for men's washroom door shall be an equilateral triangle with a vertex pointing upward, and those for women shall be a circle; the edges of the triangle should 0.30 m long as should be the diameter of the circle; these signages should at least be 7.5 mm thick; the color and gray value of these geometric forms should be distinct from the clor and gray value of the doors; the words "men" and "women" or the appropriate stick figures should still appear on the washroom doors for the convenience of the fully sighted; Note: the totally blind could touch the edge of the signs and easily determine whether it is straight or cur...
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