Building Code of the Philippines(1)

In less restrictive fire zones chapter 17 sheet metal

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Unformatted text preview: be constructed of steel of not less than No. 18 U.S. gauge in thickness and shall be designed in accordance with this Code. (b) Area The area of a paint spray booth shall not exceed 150 square meters nor ten percent of the basic area permitted for the major use of the building according to its Occupancy Group. (c) Floor Construction The floor shall be constructed of incombustible material. (d) Interior Surface Paint spray booths shall be designed to permit the free passage of exhaust air from all parts of the interior and all interior surfaces shall be smooth and continuous without outstanding edges. SECTION 1702. Fire Protection Every spray booth having an open front elevation larger than 1.00 square meter and which is not equipped with doors, shall have a fire curtain or metal deflector not less than 100 millimeters deep installed at the upper outer edge of the booth opening. SECTION 1703. Light Paint spray booths shall be illuminated through hammered wire or heat-treated glass panels. The glass panels shall be located in such a manner as to reduce the hazard of ignition caused by paint spray deposit. SECTION 1704. Ventilation (a) General Mechanical ventilation shall be provided direct to the exterior of the building. The mechanical exhaust system shall be designed to move the air through any portion of the paint spray area at the rate of not less than 30.00 lineal meters per minute. The blades of exhaust fans shall be constructed of nonferrous material and shall be mounted in such a manner as to prevent contact with the exhaust duct. The motor shall not be mounted in the spray booth or the duct system and belts shall be enclosed where they enter the booth or duct system. (b) Exhaust Ducts Exhaust ducts shall be constructed of steel having a thickness not less than the values set by the Secretary. The discharge point for ducts in a paint spray booth shall be not less than 2.00 meters from adjoining combustible construction nor less than 8.00 meters from adjoining exterior wall openings: Except, that the discharge point for exhaust ducts is not regulated in a waterwash spray booth. CHAPTER 18 GLASS AND GLAZING SECTION 1801. General Requirements (a) This Chapter shall apply to exterior glass glazing in all Occupancies except Groups A, B, and J Occupancies not over three storeys in height, and to interior and exterior glass and glazing in all occupancies subject to human impact as specified in this Code. (b) Standards for materials shall conform to the provisions set by the Secretary on glass dimensional tolerances, breaking stress levels, and design safety factors. (c) Each light shall bear the manufacturer’s label designating the type and thickness of glass. Each light with special performance characteristics such as laminated, heat strengthened, fully tempered or insulated, shall bear the manufacturer’s identification showing the special characteristics and thickness by etching or other permanent identification that shall be visible after the...
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