Building Code of the Philippines(1)

In original packages of roll and film pack films

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Unformatted text preview: blishments manufacturing photographic films and their storage incidental thereto and films stored or being used in standard motion picture booths. (b) Photographic X-ray film may be identified by the marking on the edge of the film. SECTION 1403. Fire Extinguishing System Unless otherwise provided in this Code, all fire extinguishing systems when so required shall be of a type, specifications, and methods of installation as prescribed in accordance with the requirements of the Secretary. CHAPTER 15 PRE-FABRICATED CONSTRUCTION SECTION 1501. Prefabricated Assembly (a) Prefabricated assembly is a structural unit, the integral parts of which have been built up or assembled prior to incorporation in the building. (b) The Secretary shall prescribe special tests to determine the structural adequacy, durability, soundness, weather and fire resistance of prefabricated assemblies. (c) Every device or system to connect prefabricated assemblies shall be capable of developing the strength of the different members as an integral structure, Except, in the case of members forming part of a structural frame as specified in this Code. Anchorages and connections between members and the supporting elements of the structure or walls shall be capable of withstanding all probable external and internal forces or other conditions for a structurally adequate construction. In structural design, proper allowances shall be made for any material to be displaced or removed for the installation of pipes, conduits, or other equipment. (d) Placement of prefabricated assemblies shall be inspected to determine compliance with this Code. CHAPTER 16 PLASTICS SECTION 1601. Approved Plastics Approved plastic materials shall be those which have a flame-spread rating of 225 or less and a smoke density not greater than that obtained from the burning of untreated wood under similar conditions when tested in accordance with generally accepted engineering practices. The products of the combustion shall not be more toxic than the burning of untreated wood under similar conditions. SECTION 1602. Installation (a) Structural Requirements – All plastic materials shall be of adequate strength and durability to withstand the prescribed design loads. Sufficient and substantial technical data shall be submitted to establish stresses, maximum unsupported spans, and such other information as may be deemed necessary for the various thickness and forms used. (b) Fastenings – Fastenings shall be adequate to withstand design loads and internal and external stresses required of the assembly. Proper allowances of plastic materials in conjunction with other materials with it is assembled or integrated shall be provided. SECTION 1603. Glazing of Openings (a) Doors, sashes and framed openings in exterior walls of all buildings except Types IV and V Constructions may be glazed or equipped with approved plastics: Provided, that: (1) The wall in which such glazing is installed is so located that openings are not r...
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