Building Code of the Philippines(1)

In smokeproof enclosures except exit doorways and

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Unformatted text preview: enings directly into the interior of the building. Access shall be through a vestibule with one wall at least fifty percent open to the exterior and having an exit door from the interior of the building and an exit door leading to the smokeproof enclosure. In lieu of a vestible, access may be by way of an open exterior balcony of incombustible materials. (3) The opening from the building to the vestibule or balcony shall be protected with a selfclosing fire assembly having one-hour fire-resistive rating. The opening from the vestibule or balcony to the stair tower shall be protected by a self-closing fire assembly having a one-hour fire-resistive rating. (4) A smokeproof enclosure shall exit into a publci way or into an exit passageway leading to a public way. The exit passageway shall be without other openings and shall have walls, floors, and ceiling of two-hour fire-resistance. (5) A stairway in a smokeproof enclosure shall not continue below the grade level exit unless an approved barrier is provided at a ground floor level to prevent persons from accidentally walking into the basement. (j) Exit Outlets, Courts, and Passageways Every exit shall discharge into a public way, exit court, or exit passageway. Every exit court shall discharge into a public way or an exit passageway. Passageways shall be without openings other than required exits and shall have walls, floors, and ceilings of the same period of fire-resistance as the walls floors and ceilings of the building but shall not be less than one-hour fire-resistive construction. (1) Width Every exit court and exit passageways shall be at least as wide as the required total width of the tributary exits, such required width being based on the occupant load served. The required width of exit courts or exit passageways shall be unobstructed except as permitted in corridors. At any point where the width of an exit court is reduced from any cause, the reduction in width shall be affected gradually by a guardrail at least 900 millimeters in height. The guardrail shall make an angle of not more than 30 degrees with the axis of the exit court. (2) Slope The slope of exit courts shall not exceed 1 in 10. The slope of exit passageway shall not exceed 1 in 8. (3) Number of Exits Every exit court shall be provided with exits as required in this Code. (4) Openings All openings into an exit court less than 3.00 meters wide shall be protected by fire assemblies having not less than three-fourth hour fire-resistive rating. Except, that openings more than 3.00 meters above the floor of the exit court may be unprotected. (k) Exit Signs and Illuminations Exits shall be illuminated at any time the building is occupied with lights having an intensity of not less than 10.7 lux at floor level: Except, that for Group A Occupancies, the exit illumination shall be provided with separate circuits or separated sources of power (but not necessarily separate from exit signs when these are required for exit sign illuminati...
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