Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Materials all films not in actual use shall be stored

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Unformatted text preview: y accepted shipping containers. No solder shall be used in the construction of such cabinets . SECTION 1215. Lathing, Plastering, and Installation of Wall Boards The installation of lath, plaster and gypsum wall shall conform to the fire-resistive rating requirements and the type of construction of building. CHAPTER 13 ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL REGULATIONS SECTION 1301. Electrical Regulations All electrical systems, equipment and installation mentioned in this Code shall conform to the provisions of the Philippine Electrical Code, as adopted by the Board of Electrical Engineering pursuant to Republic Act No. 184 otherwise known as the Electrical Engineering Law. SECTION 1302. Mechanical Regulations All mechanical systems, equipment and installations mentioned in this Code shall conform to the provisions of the Philippine Mechanical Engineering Code, as adopted by the Board of Mechanical Engineering pursuant to Commonwealth Act No. 294 as amended, otherwise known as the Mechanical Engineering Law. CHAPTER 14 PHOTOGRAPHIC AND X-RAY FILMS SECTION 1401. Storage and Handling (a) Storage rooms of unexposed photographic and x-ray films shall be provided with automatic fire extinguishing systems in the following cases: (1) When unexposed films in generally accepted safety shipping containers exceed the aggregate of 14.00 cubic meters. (2) Where shelving used for storage of individual packages not in said shipping containers exceeds 1.40 cubic meters in capacity; and (3) Storage is not in generally accepted safety shipping containers in any section not exceeding 14.00 cubic meters. (b) Film negatives in storage or in process of handling shall be kept in heavy Manila envelopes, not exceeding 12 films to an envelope. Expanding envelopes shall not be used. (c) Film negatives shall be kept in properly insulated vented cabinets, vented storage vaults or outside storage houses. Not more than 110 kilograms shall be stored in any single cabinet. Where the film stored exceeds 450 kilograms, it shall be in vented storage vaults or in a detached structure or roof vault. Door openings in vaults shall be of four-hour fire-resistive construction and shall be kept closed except when in use. (d) Only incandescent electric light shall be permitted; protected with substantial wire guards or vapor proof globes or both. Portable lights on extension cords are prohibited. Conspicuous “NO SMOKING” signs shall be posted. (e) No films shall be stored within 600 millimeters of steam pipes, chimneys, or other sources of heat. (f) There shall be first aid provisions of types using water or water solutions. Discarded films shall be stored and handled in the same manner as other films until removed from the premises. SECTION 1402. Classes of Film Exempted (a) The provisions of this Section do not apply to the following: film for amateur photographic use in original packages of “roll” and “film pack” films in quantities of less than 1.40 cubic meters; safety film; dental X-ray film; esta...
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