Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: emoved within 30 days after such protection is no longer required as determined by the Building Official. SECTION 1108. Demolition (a) The work of demolishing any building shall not be commenced until all the necessary pedestrian protective structures are in place. (b) The Building Official may require the permittee to submit plans, specifications and complete schedule of demolition. Whenso required, no work shall be done until such plans, specifications and schedule are approved by the Building Official. CHAPTER 12 GENERAL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS SECTION 1201. General Requirements Buildings proposed for construction shall comply with all the regulations and specifications herein set forth governing quality, characteristics and properties of materials, methods of design and construction, type of occupancy and classification. All other matters relative to the structural design of all buildings and other structures not provided for in this Chapter shall conform with provisions of the Engineering pursuant to Republic Act Number 544, as amended, otherwise knows as the “Civil Engineering Law”. SECTION 1202. Excavation, Foundation, and Retaining Walls (a) Subject to the provisions of Articles 684 to 686 of the Civil Code of the Philippines on lateral and subjacent support, the design and quality of materials used structurally in excavation, footings, and in foundations shall conform to accepted engineering practice. (b) Excavation and Fills (1) Excavation or fills for buildings or structures shall be so constructed or protected that they do not endanger life or property. (2) Whenever the depth of excavation for any construction is such that the thereon would be affected in a manner that the stability or safety of the same is endangered, the person undertaking or causing the excavation to be undertaken shall be responsible for the expense of underpinning or extending the foundation or footings of the aforementioned property or structure. (3) Excavation and other similar disturbance made on public property shall, unless otherwise excluded by the Building Official, be restored immediately to its former condition within 48 hours from the start of such excavation and disturbances by whosoever caused such excavation of disturbance. (c) Footings, Foundations, and Retaining Walls (1) Footings and foundations shall be of the appropriate type, of adequate size, and capacity in order to safely sustain the superimposed loads under seismic or any condition of external forces that may affect the safety or stability of the structure. It shall be the responsibility of the architect and/or engineer to adopt the type and design of the same in accordance with the standards set forth by the Secretary. (2) Whenever or wherever there exist in the site of the construction an abrupt change in the groundlevels or level of the foundation such that instability of the soil could result, retaining walls shall be provided and such shall be of adequate design and tupe of construc...
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