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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

More than 150 meters stairway two or more risers

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Unformatted text preview: y floor and the upper surface of the floor next above, except that the topmost storey shall be that portion of a building included between the upper surface of the topmost floor and the ceiling or roof above. If the finished floor level directly above a basement, cellar or unused underfloor spaces more than 3.60 meters above grade as defined herein at any point, such basement, cellar or unused underfloor space shall be considered as a storey. STOREY, HEIGHT OF The perpendicular distance from top to top on two successive floors, floor beams, or joints. The clear height of a storey or a room is the distance from the floor to the ceiling. The clear height of balconies is measured from the highest point of the sidewalk grade to the underside of the balcony floor joists. If these joists are sealed, this clear height is measured to the underside of the ceiling. STREET Any thoroughfare or public space which has been dedicated or deeded to the public for public use. STRUCTURE That which is built or constructed, an ediface or building of any kind, or any piece of work artificially built up or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner. STRUCTURAL FRAME The framing system including the columns and the girders, beams, trusses, and spandrels having direct connections to the columns and all other members which are essential to the stability of the building as a whole. The members of floor or roof which have no connection to the columns shall be considered secondary and not a part of the structural frame. SUPORTALES The vertical supports, such as posts or stanchions, as used in indigenous or traditional type of construction. These may be freestanding as stilts or integrated into the wall structure. In the case of former, pie de gallos (knee braces) or crosettas (cross bracings) are sometimes used. SURFACE, EXTERIOR Weather-exposed surface. SURFACE, INTERIOR Surfaces other than weather-exposed surfaces. SURFACE, WEATHER-EXPOSED All surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, soffits, and similar surfaces exposed to the weather except the following: (a) Ceiling and roof soffits enclosed by walls, or by beams extend a minimum of 300 millimeters below such ceiling or roof soofits; (b) Walls or portions of walls within an unenclosed roof area, when located a horizontal distance from an exterior opening equal to twice the height of the opening; and (c) Ceiling and roof soffits beyond a horizontal distance of 3.00 meters from the outer edge of the ceiling or roof soffits. VALUE OR VALUATION OF A BUILDING The estimated cost to replace the building in kind, based on current replacement costs. VAULT Any surface or underground construction covered on top, or any fire-proof construction intended for the storage of valuables. VENEER ADHERED Veneer secured and supported by approved mechanical fasteners attached to an approved backing supported through adhesion to an approved bonding material applied over an approved backing. VENEER, EXTERIOR Veneer applied to wea...
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