Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: ve been fully cleared by the National Treasury. 5. Centralized Accounting System 5.1 A centralized accounting system shall be maintained in the Office of the Minister, MPW. The Office of the Minister shall set up and maintain a separate set of books of accounts to be used solely for transactions pertaining to the implementation of the provision of the National Building Code and its implementing rules and regulations. 5.2 Upon receipt of the Advice of Allotment and the corresponding Cash Disbursement Ceiling, the Office of the Minister shall in turn allocate the same together with the subadvice of cash disbursement ceiling to the Building Officials, copy furnished the Public Works Regional Director and at the same time obligates the allotment for the amount of expenditures. 5.3 The procedures for deputation as deputized Disbursing Officer or Deputized Countersigning Officer are prescribed in Treasury Memorandum Circular No. 3-78 dated 16 June 1978 and supplemented by TMC No. 1-79 dated 20 February 1979. 5.4 In the requisition and distribution of blank Treasury checking Account for Agencies (TCAA) Checks, of the Philippine National Bank (PNB), Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) and/or Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), the revised regulations contained in Treasury Memorandum Circular No. 4-78 dated 16 June 1978 shall be followed. 5.5 All deputized disbursing officers (building officials and/or cashiers) shall render the following reports: 5.5.1 Report of checks issued and cancelled together with duplicate copies of checks issued required under paragraph III-B-5, Dept. Memo Circular No. 11-73 dated 9 May 1973 of the Department of Finance for submission to Treasury Provincial Fiscal Examiner in the region (4.3 of TMC 4-78). 5.5.2 5.6 Report of checks issued by the deputized disbursing officers G.F. No. 108-A Circular No. 3-74, for entry in the journal of checks issued by deputized disbursing officer (JCIDDO, G.F. No. 108) by Chief Accountant, MPW. For particulars, refer to BC No. 147 & 147-A. If the deputized disbursing officer shall maintain a petty cash advance out of the allocation from building permit fees, he shall after the fifteenth and end of each month prepare the report of disbursement in four copies distributed as follows; (Ref: COA GC 133): Original - to the field auditor for verification and certifications and submission to the MPW Auditor (thru the MPW Chief Accountant for recording). Duplicate (with original paid payrolls and vouchers) to the field local auditors (for final custody). Triplicate - to the MPW Chief Accountant (for posting to the corresponding subsidiary ledgers). Quadruplicate - to be retained by the field disbursing officer. The report shall be certified by the field disbursing officer who shall submit it to the field auditor concerned within three (3) days after the fifteenth and end of the month, for audit. The field auditor concerned shall verify the report and invariably indicate his certification thereon; after which he...
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